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Friday, June 25, 2010

Yummy Slim Steamy Treats

As I have been piling up on pounds recently, I decided to try to whip up something light. I came upon this cookbook sold at the NTUC with many yummy recipes for steaming.

so i pick out 2 randomly and gave it a try....
The orginal pics:

The king oyster mushroom looks like this orginally

It is really difficult for me to try slicing out the criss cross designs with all the blunt kitchen knives in the house on the king oyster mushrooms. I think I will probably invest in a sharp and proper knife some day when i have my very own kitchen or something.

My version with slight improvisation.

Asparagus Fish Rolls
There was too many spring onions left and I decided to use it to secure the fish and the asparagus roll and at the same time allows the fish to soak up some aroma from the spring onion.

Steamed King Oyster Mushrooms => woodblock actually thought it was real squid. This king oyster mushroom on its own actually taste kind of bitter in the raw stage(ewww) when i first steam it (hey dont look at me this way. I am definitely not the kind of person who will sneak a bite due to gluttony =P . It is a VERY NOBLE ACT for housewife to taste the food during the cooking process on the behalf of the family. Sigh such sacrifice is really hard to come by these days and so am I, the wonderful wife). However, I must say that the texture of the mushroom was really really chewy like my fav seafood, squid and abalone. There, I realise the importance of the proper processing and addition of appropriate sauce to complement the flaw of this ingredient.

This first attempt was pretty successful and it was thrilling to hear all the compliments from woodblock especially the sauce for the king oyster mushroom.

WOOOHOOO! I am such a talented housewife and cook!!!

I probably be trying out more recipes in the book!

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