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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Happy-Li Bdae!

Happy Birthday Ah Li, finally you are here to join the 20s club and adulthood to working life.

Life is never easy and we thought as the elder siblings, we OUGHT to induct you to the cruel world *EVIL GRINZ*

For your birthday torture surprise, we have prepare a fabulous $$$$ of up to $100 BUCKS *KACHING* !!!! WAH SEH, SIAO BO?!?!?!

And yes of cos it is in SINGAPORE DOLLARS.

However, we are not we are not sure whether you have read the fine prints. Its says "up to" and therefore you will need to earn your treasure.

Around the house, there are a total number of TEN GOLDEN ANG PAOS being hidden! You will be given a series of photos in the following and the total time given for you to finish finding all the treasure is " A CANDLE'S TIME" (suggested by your genius Ah KOR so dont blame me).



However, you are only allowed to use this helpline ONLY ONCE as the angel is busy watching TV to update her TV drama knowledge and does not work OT.

IF you are ready get set GO

Location 1:

Ans Reveal: Painting opposite main entrance door
Location 2:

Ans Reveal: Ah-li's shoe
Location 3:

Ans Reveal: Milo container in the kitchen cabinet
Location 4:

Ans Reveal: Kitchen Oven
Location 5:

Ans Reveal (hardest location according to Ah li): Washing Machine
Location 6:

Ans Reveal: Mahjong table
Location 7:

Ans Reveal: Shi Yun's mattress
Location 8:

Ans Reveal: Ah li's Poster in the room
Location 9:

Ans Reveal(mobile station): Shiyun's Shorts
Location 10.

Ans Reveal: 1 of the VCD casing in the VCDs rack.


With Love,
Your BOLIAO elder siblings!

Bdae Celeb update of Ah Li:

Her grapefruit cake from Breadtalk.

Love the soothing pastel yam colour.

Ah li was laughing becos all of us were like watching TV(behind her) and we sang like only a line from the all-ready very short bdae song (of cos we were just teasing her only).

After the cake feast, here's Ah li starting her adventure quest for her golden ang pows!

Ah-li: What the heck is this? A bdae e-card??

Ah li the slow reader who is still posing while reading and have no idea about her upcoming quest yet.

Ah li: OH SHIT ................. what is thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiissssssssssssss!!!!!!!!

There she go scrambling like nuts around the house. I wasnt able to capture any clear pics becos she was like way too fast.

She is like totally dismantling Shiyun's bed.

OMG the hiding place is actually a mobile short?

Mahjong table?

Milo container?

Where is the timer? Radio?

Ah Li: I am a Powzilla *chomp*. Let me use my teeth to authenticate whether if it is the real GOLDEN POW!

Ah Li: Yes, it is authentic ones!!!

A very happy bdae and RICH girl now!

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