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Friday, June 11, 2010

Chiiiiiiiiiiiiioooong Ar!

Today had been quite a great day with great fun spent with huiping and her beau at Science Centre whereby we attended some forensic science course (I am a total CSI fan!!!!). Unfortunately I forgot to bring my camera along. So i guess I will wait for huiping to upload my 1st CSI hands on experience pics soon!


Yay I am so freakingly excited tonight! Tmr is shiyun(my sis in law)'s family day and we are invited to Sentosa for amazing race! It's been ages since my uni days that I be playing with so much young adrenaline activities! What's MORE, we have gotten subsidise tickets(from sis in law's company) for Universal studio and it's going to be great hanging out with my siblings and hubby together!


p.S. : Good news for all CSI fans, the Sci centre will be holding a CSI Las Vegas exhibition at the end of this year. I am so gonna get my butt down there!!!

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