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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Life with a Pinch of Salt

These days, it can be a little boring during meal times and I realise we have always been frequenting the same restaurants every other day... OH GOSH!

Therefore, I been trying to locate the more interesting areas to dine out at but of course like you know me, save up on the $$$ especially if I ever get a HDB in future.

Last Friday, I bought woodblock down to this restaurant which I came across Ah li's webby. It is call "With a pinch of Salt". Now if you have been watching the 7 pm drama serial, this restaurant will appear familiar to you......

Nice pastel colours awaits you while you stepped into the restuarant. The girl on the wall is the mascot for this restaurant and if you carefully check out the walls, you will find many frames pic of her in different outfits and in front of different place of interest like paris etc

This really inspire me that perhaps one of the rooms i have in future one day, I can also do up similar wall concepts for the baby room?

The menu.

The only section that I probably dislike will be the open kitchen as I felt that it did not fall into the design theme somehow and they could also use a much gentler colour chairs too. Else despite so much effort, it makes us feel like it's prolly just another Miss Clarity cafe!

Well I think the special of the day is pretty impossible.

The water in the restaurant is self served. If I didnt remember wrongly, it seemed that there is no customer service being charged.

The tables in "With a pinch of salt" were customised in stripes and cartoons can be found on every dining table.

This is so suitable for a valentine's day dinner! Totally sweet and kawaii!
There's a piano in the restaurant but no one playing it so i wonder what was it for? For the customers to play music on their own for special occasions???

There were so many interesting details in the restaurant and it really felt dreamy just even dazing out the window... why?

There were many cute prints on the glass window!!! Totally luv it! It felt like winter all of a sudden. For couples, I suggest you might want to reserve the tables earlier for the window seats! It's FABULOUS.

I ordered the mango and peach tea which I must say was pretty good. Cost about $2.90.

Finally our mains!

Squid ink seafood risotto! - $12.90.
Love the colour and contrast!

Pan seared dory - $8.90
=> one of the most delicious dish on the menu as Ah li and her friends had tried out a lot of the dishes on the menu and it seems that this turns out to be the best among their many orders.

However, woodblock and me felt that woodblock's risotto was still much more delicious somehow despite not as attractive. Perhaps of the addition of wine?

IN conclusion, the cost of the dining were very affordable and cost us about $23.70.

Since we were at Katong area, we thought why not pop into my fav ATAS cheesecake cafe at siglap road. So here we go....

Unfortunately, I forgotten that NO PHOTOGRAPHY of the cafe is allowed.
So here is just one quuuuuuuuuuick snapshot. The furnishing of the restaurant is very pretty and of a very rich and luxurious grand victorian style. The main colour scheme here is mainly dark maroon, ebony brown and gold and makes you feel like you are dining in a musuem in France as there were countless of oil paintings on the wall. There is even a fountain right in the middle of the restaurant making it even more gorgeous!
I wonder why they were so particular about the snap-shots, even the webby doesnt have a single pic of it!!

As I mentioned this is an ATAS cheesecake restaurant, therefore for every diner, you need to at least order an item.

My strawberry oreo cheesecake - $6.90

Woodblock's Jamaican rum and raisin cheesecake - $7.20

However, I found the rum and raisin cheesecake better, so woodblock was kind enough to switch it with me *to be honest guys dont have much a choice esp when you are married*

Damage of a near $16.50 bucks!

I must say it's a sweet day for me though!

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