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Friday, June 11, 2010

Dos and Don'ts for engaging a Trishaw

Dear btbs,

Good news despite my phone was damaged some time ago with all the contacts being lost inside, I realise today that woodblock actually has a copy of the contact of the Trishaw. So please so refer to the right navigation bar under vendors for the Trishaw's uncle contact.

Just a piece of advice, do engage a trishaw uncle with these in mind:

1) Location of your wedding.
If your wedding is further away from clarke quay area, you might find yourself getting a more expensive quotation. Hence it is good to engage trishaws which are located nearer to your wedding venue. Therefore you might also want to go down personally to check out the rates provided by the trishaw uncles in Chinatown too if necessary. Calling in through contacts found online (those middlemen) will cost you way much more and is totally not worth it.

2) The default theme of the Trishaw.
Trishaws are usually catered for tourism and many trishaw riders may start to accessorize their trishaws with little gadgets and LEDs to give their rides that extra boost for attraction. If you are going for a vintage theme, SUCH AN "APPEALING" RIDE will be a super big heart attack on the spot especially for the bride (unless the bride is going for those ah beng and ah lian theme). This reinforce my first recommendation of going down to see the trishaw(vehicle not uncle) personally first before engaging the trishaw uncle.

3) The decoration for Trishaw
Save cost and just get those red ribbon(personally i think organza ones are nicer) you can get at the customary wedding store or Far East flora (i saw those on sale over there too surprisingly)=> cheap and a quick fix to trishaw. At such a cheap rental rate, i dont think it is wise to get the uncle to decorate for you. Make things simple for the simple folk you are engaging =) Dont frighten them off.

3) The Dresscode of the Trishaw Uncle
If you feel that there is a certain dress code which you prefer the trishaw uncle to be dressed in => do specify in advance (in case they are unable to meet your expectations, you can still have time to come up with a contingency plan). But my suggestion here is still the same => make things simple for the simple folk. Just get another of the bridesgroom to ride in instead! I am sure it is more memorable for the 2 of you too =) A short distance wont kill your bridesgroom. I am very sure he will be honoured to be the chaffeur for your march in or otherwise he wont be your bridesgroom in the first place right?

Hope the above information helps =)


  1. hi, can i have the contact for the trishaw uncle? cant see it from the wedding vendors link.

    thanks a lot.

    can email to

  2. Hi Christine!

    Congratulations on your successful wedding! The Shanghai Themed Dinner (which coincides with mine) looked glamorous!

    I would like to hear from you about:

    1. Your CCC cheong sum! Where did you get them??

    2. Could you also kindly advise where did you get your Trishaw contact from? I would need that on the 16th of May this year. And would like to do exactly what you did of putting it out for photo taking.

    Hope to hear from you soon! =)

    XOXO, Christina (