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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Crime Scene Investigations with Princess Christine

It was an exciting Friday that I managed to sign up and got enrolled in Forensic Sci course (as part of enrichment for my job) at Science Centre. As a CSI fan, it was like a dream come true to finally gets some hands-on experience rather then to sit around watching the show on tv alone.

Other then me, I have got my buddy, huiping and her bf, Mr Tan attending this CSI course!

Once we entered the laboratory, we found many packets of evidence that awaits us on the our table! It felt cool but I find it inappropriate for them to be playing some X-files music in the background for the ambience (HELLO, you should be playing CSI music. THIS is Science NOT fiction=> $$^$%^$%^$% from the CSI fan!)

After some short introduction, we were being brought out of the lab to see the crime scene with a fake "corpse" lying on the floor for the story plot. There when we were back at the laboratory, we are all ready to start our very first Crime scence investigation work by processing the items collected from the scene.
The chirpy ladies were all and ready to process our crime scene items!!!

First stop, we were asked to identify which item has traces of blood on it with the Kastle-Meyer test.
Huiping adding the ethanol to the test sample. After adding the Kastle Meyer solution and hydrogen peroxide solution.....
OMG, there's traces of blood on the pen foudn at the crime scene!

Next up, we are suppose to do DNA fingerprinting. However, due to limitations of the chemicals, we were given some other replacement "samples" instead.
So here I am extracting the "DNA sample" to be inserted into the wells in agarose gel (some jelly like substance).

As the gel is being covered with a layer of TBE buffer solution. It makes it very challenging to insert the "DNA sample" into the wells. The top well was being filled by Mr Tan (our guinea pig), followed by Huiping and the bottom 2 was done by me.
After running the electricity through, similar to chromatography, the different components in the "DNA sample" was clearly shown. This process is known as Gel Electrophoresis.

We were thrilled by our first gel electrophoresis that we started posing with it!
Sigh our failed chromatography of the ink sample found from a cheque found at the crime scene. I guess it was my fault to add too little ink. Mr Tan's ink sample spread out very nicely!
Shoe print of the suspect.
The cheque found at the scene was tobe process for fingerprints (which are not visible) with iodine fuming.

We inserted the cheque into glass bottle and added a tiny iodine crystal in.
After placing it into a warm bath, the iodine crystal will sublime.....

rendering the prints visible!!! Exciting isnt it?

We also tried to extract fingerprints by dusting!
After adding of powder, we will use a blower to remove excess powder.
This reveals the fingerprint!

Then we will extract it with some tape and paster it over a dark surface to make the print even more visible.

The print can then be used for comparison with the prints pic from our suspect which was provided to us.

I love this pic! I totally look like a real CSI!!! So shuai and cool!

Finally for the gross part. We also have to examine the maggots from dead body =(
The maggots was pre-prepared some time ago and it is pretty stinky =(

Let me see our maggot is about 10 mm which makes the body dead for about 2.5 days.

Mr Tan playing with the maggot. Ewww!
The different stages of maggot.

I totally wanna puke when I see this super size maggot.....

I wonder which genius put all the leftover noodles in the cup (which was suppose to be our tea break some moments ago).

Anyway thumbs up to the CSI course!!! I cant wait for the CSI exhibition in year end!!!


  1. great CSI experience you had! I love CSI. I'd lived in SG for 6 years.