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Monday, June 7, 2010

Come Ride in to my Shanghai Photobooth

Isnt it boring especially for the younger guests while they awaits for the banquet to start?

On the wedding day, thanks to woodblock, we managed to secure a super duper cheap lobang of a trishaw @ 60/hour. In total, with the advice from Snow Xuan and Mei-de-beauty, my time keepers and managers, I was advice to hire the trishaw for about 1.5 hours instead so that the additional 1 hour (1/2 hour for the walk in is way more than sufficient) can be use as a photobooth for my guests for play with for phototaking purposes.

Here's some of the snap shots we had we our guests:

We only thought about this booth idea quite last minute, I wish I have more time spent on the signboard =) But well I still love it!

Linda and Alvin. Should be hearing their wedding bells next year I heard.

Hongxian my photobooth manage tried to edit some of the shots to fit the vintage feel.

Me and my 2nd eldest brother, Raymond => he is still a swinging bachelor!

Of cos I also prepped in a little props for the ladies to play with like the oriental organza umbrella and a shanghai style fan.

Mei-de-beauty and hx

Baolai and Snow Xuan. I am so glad he came dressed in theme too!

My Aunt having her fair share of fun!

This is my fav aunt! She is almost like my own mum =)

Not to forget my eldest brother and sis in law (i always thought she looks like jolin tsai esp before jolin tsai went for the plastic surgery)

My wonderful and professional Emcees whom my guests all sang praises for!!

My wonderful jiemei buddy at work!

Not for forget, the sweetheart colleague too.

Yoke Wah,

My chioest ex-colleague, Yizhen. She looks mind blowing in her sexy black cheong sum.

Thanks for Pei Hoon for giving me the inspiration of a trishaw. She actually also recommended a bumboat but I felt it wasnt value for money when I called in to liasie with the bumboat companies. Definitely not at a price friendly for a DIY bride.

Qiwei, my fabulous Sunday friend!

Did I mentioned, my friends wedding bells are ringing at the end of this yr? I feel so happy for xinwei and weixuan!

The shanghai Mafia, HX .

He even brought his own smoking pipe - see how professional he is as the booth manager!

Me and my aunt.

My secondary school kakis

My wonderful wedding planners for the Shanghai night!

Me and my cousins +uncle.

I really luuuuuuv my booth a lot.

I look like a vintage shanghai bride!

Even the older folks are here to play with the booth- My matchmaker and MIL.

Not forgetting my siblings-in-law.

Presenting Sir woodblock.................

My personal Chauffeur for a LIFETIME.

Does it feel like the "Four Great Beauties"

The happy Shanghai Couple! Love my DIY composite stocking bouquet!

Here's us coming through for our first march in. Felt that my $90 was value for money for using the trishaw for 2 purposes.

Do you feel like you have just time travel to the Vintage Shanghai?
Well woodblock and me did have our magical night!

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