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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Christine and Woodblock's Courtship WOO or WOES?

Many were wondering what was the video that I have screened during the banquet, I actually took up a video package which includes 3 videos - MTV, Tea Ceremony, Banquet

As I have already done a memory lane photo boards for my ROM. Therefore I requested for the MTV to cover some of the important events that happened during our courtship days! From Psar malam to punggol lake, i am so glad we really went down to al the actual venues for the eventful happenings in our courtship days.

The MTV start out with me bloggin on the night before the wedding - as i downsize the video (resolution is blur so u might not be able to make out the date) and dozing off in slumber land recalling my memories of woodblock and how i felt about him. So the story unfolds mainly from my perspective =)

I wonder if it was out of being nervous or what, but i find myself always stranded waiting outside the loos for woodblock while he kept having stomache and breaking out in perspiration.

Courtship woo or woes? I leave it for you to decide.

I guess I was really tired when i watched the mtv earlier on, but when i review it now, I actually tear and was so glad that I stepped out from my thrift zone and invested on the videos. I really want to thank Clarissa(iStyle wedding planner) for suggesting and picking the song for me as the lyrics totally portray how i felt for woodblock when he was still wooing me with his poor dating skills and moves. Alas the wonderful Linda for the nice video hue, tone and feel for the mtv video. Luv it!

For those who need a reference or comparison here's the details of the package I took:

Cost of package from iStyle Wedding : $3.3 K (cant negotiate much when we hire last minute but i guess since it is for 3 sets of video+ makeup for mtv, I dont mind spending the $$$)

1) Makeup for Music Video on 8 November
- makeup and hairdo for bride and groom
- 1 set fake eyelash- Ampule for bride
2) Videography for Music Video + Editing by Linda
- 1 day filming (morning till we're DONE hours)
- Panasonic DVX DV Camera x 1- DV tape x 1 (60mins)
- Art-direction
- Video-editing of MV (3-5mins - depending on duration of Song selected)
- DVD format
- Previews and 2 rounds of changes
- Location Shoot (up to 5 locations)
- Raw Video (unedited) provided in DVD format as well
- Transport
3) Dinner Videography + Editing by Linda- Night filming (4 hours)
- from makeup onwards- Panasonic DVX DV Camera- DV tape x1 (60mins)
- Video-editing and Raw video in DVD format
- Delivery is one week after Dinner.
- 2 rounds of changes only

4) Tea Videography + Editing by Mr Yong
- Day filming from 7am to 1pm
- Video highlight includes gate crashing + tea ceremony in DVD played during dinner (suggestion: you can play this video before your 2nd march-in)
- 1 complete edited DVD for the day shoot
- Return of original DV tape
- Over-runs are charged at $50/hr

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