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Friday, June 4, 2010

First Photo Selection for AD Album from Coffeestain Photography

Think it might come as a surprise, but we actually sign up the most comphrehensive package we can find from Chris Lim on the AD photos. I am not sure about his rates now but back then we actually sign up at some promotional price so it cost us about $2700 $2160 (20 % discount).

The package includes:
- for 10 hours over split days (2 days)
- 12"x12" 40 pages magazine style
- 80 highly advance edited photos

Now the woes set in when I see the number 80! There are just way too much photos for selection and thank goodness, Chris Lim made the first photo selection on our behalf instead: So here's round 1 of pic selection w/o editing etc still in a raw stage.


  1. congratulations!!! Chao here. I only see it now!!! such a pity!!! But Happy wedding and "早生贵子“

  2. hey lichao my wonderful nus buddy! thanks for all the wishes =) Perhaps i can catch up with you during yr end?