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Friday, November 7, 2008

Coincidence and The born of a new Ceremony Box

Yesterday I was out recceing a wooden box for me to place the wine bottle in. Went to IKEA at queensway and was pretty disappointed that many areas were under renovation. Then again, I couldn't find a suitable replacement box for the wedding ceremony which I have planned for the wedding.

Later on, I went down to Vivocity to wait for woodblock to knock off. I saw some wood planks at Diaso and came out with a new idea: Why not made our own Treasure Box since this box is going to hold so much meaning, might as well made a cusomised one. However, the sizes of the planks dosn't match so I need to cut it down into smaller pieces. So I wasnt very sure whether I could accomplished that and din dare to go ahead and buy the planks.

So there, I wander off to other places like mini toons and action city etc (both shops were side by side). At Action City, I receive an smsfrom Hong telling me there ae cute flower marshmallow at Mini Toons which I can buy. So Immediately I walk over next door to mini toons to take a look and reply tht I am now in mini toons and it is a pity that the marshmallows come in assorted colours instead of purely pink ones. The nxt thing I knew she called me and askedme which branch I was at. Guess what, she only walk out of the very same shop when she msg me lol.

So we met up and wait together for our woodblock and m. Glad that I did met her and m first becos it can be quite boring to walk around for hours. Had a great but super full dinner together later on. M have to go off first as he have something on and I took woodblock to diaso to take a look at the planks: verdict - we bought the planks plus hinges and lock etc in the end costing us a total of 14 bucks. When we went home to try out the measurements did came out nicely?(thanx to my accurate measurements lol). However, it took me a long time to figure how to fix the hinge on it and helped came when woodblock's father taught me how to do it. In the end we left the whole making of the box to ehhhhhhhh woodblock's father haha cos he specialise in these and could asily cut the planks at his own factory. Yay kudos o a great FIL. Cant wait to see the cusotmised wooden box so I can spray paint and varnish to protect it=)

What's the ceremony about? Well wait till the special day and you will know it.

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