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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Exciting Planning To Continue

Yay cant believe my ears that a fren is getting my help to help her plan her wedding. Heard it is next yr and somewhere at East Coast.. meaning yay can continue to work on planning weddding and do more handicrafts. Getting quite indulge with wedding decos. When we saw the pic of the pink sash on the chairs to the nice deco of the superbly long railings of the staircase and the wonderful hanging florals of the hut, my frens and me were so proud of ourselves becos I'm sure many pple/guests who din noe will think that Mandai Orchid Garden has deco the whole venue for us.

Many asked why don't you guys just let the MOG pple dco the venue and save all the hassle and trouble?

Ans: Dont be mistaken that there is nothing wrong wif MOG(in fact I luv Christina - she is very experiencd and helpful) but the reason is simple. I jus simply love to DIY and it is was cheaper to do it myself seriously becos when we run round the whole of Singapore, Hong and Me discover the many interesting places to get the stuff. Another great thing about DIYing myself is being in control of everything so I wun get any crazy surprise of the decos as it has been personally QC by me. Another thing is that I don't like too conventional stuff and I am always surfing up for new ideas online.

Most importantly, Qi is quite a pro in event planning(despite it is her first time planning a wedding). The only thing I can say is that she had done a terrific job becos it was really detailed. I almost faint when i see her going into all the details wif me cos i am really not the kind of person who look at such stuff.

Discovered a rare talent too - Hong has quite a way with those designs in classic style. I cant help but show off the story board to many pple once i got it from her... impressive!

Finally when you have a great Sis-in-law - Ah Li who is so good in art work and digital design, i must be crazy if I go spend lots of money on the kawaii invites, labels and fabulous posters. To be honest, I luv looking thru all the projects and assignments she does - seeing her grow gradually from nothing to something is really impressive (did you know she even came close to winning first *just by 1 vote* in a logo design by the breast cancer foundation?)

Sometimes I think Im really lucky to be surrounded by many great talents who seem to somehow come together and whip up a great receipe for wedding planning and decos. Thank you so much!

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