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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Yay Hello Kitty Display Done

Well this setup really gave me a headache as I am not very good with handling artificial creeper plant. The Hello Daniel toy is another big headache as he neva seem to be able to stand on his own. So in the end I dug out 2 large holes on the grass patch and bury his legs in lol if you really look at the pics carefully you might realise Daniel is *ahem* slightly taller.... but wateva since woodblock is *ahem* as tall as the Hello Daniel so I guess it is a pretty accurate representation of the groom lol
Aren't the mini flowers on the grass patch pretty? I stick them on one by one with blue tags because they kept falling in between the grass blades=(
A Closer View
Hmm wat's going on the menu for my DIY project tmr =(
Feather pen and stand
Pink Angpaos
Pink Confetti Cones
Pink Wrapped Up Markers =P
Gonna Faintz~~~~

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