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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Collection of Certs and Woodblock's Grooming Day

Yup now that wedding is over we shall now revisit a few days before the ROM - yup that is the day where woodblock and I collected the ROM certs!

We arrive early in the morning at 9:30 am at the Registry of Marriage. It was a sweet moment esp when you are surrounded by so many other couples who are also here for the same reason - to become LaoGong and Laopo together. The air is so sweet that I think if you were to be there for too long you might get diabetes.

But that's not the point tho.

While waiting, there is a large lcd tv in front which talks about the various issues and problems that a couple might face and there was little suggestions on how to deal with it.

But something caught my eye! Sitting on a the 2 quiet side of the tv were 2 display ornaments:
Very classic sculpture showing the moment whereby it will never go out of fashion becos of its deep meaning.

Cute bears sitting on a couch - I hope they dun become potato couch tho by sitting so near the tv 7/24.

So here are the shots while we were waiting for our queue number to turn up!
Feeling the excitement while waiting. It is strange that many couples din bring a camera to take a few snapshots inside the ROM. But whatever everyone has their own style and we prefer to capture the event in details.

Here's the video whereby we did our official declaration etc at the ROM =)


After the collection of certs!

I think I did quite a great job capturig the various angles of the wedding bear. Woodblock and I even try to mimic the angle of the bears! So Cute wonder where did the ROM bought from - I seriously luv it very much!

Then it was lunch time where both of us secretly.......

SNeak Out for a buffet meal at the Fortunate Restaurant

Yes I know we should do that before the big day but we just couldnt resist our hunger any longer. I din even dare to tell anyone else about this meal (BIG BIG SECRET REVEAL)!

Anyway it is suppose to be woodblock's grooming day too so why not pamper his stomach so he will love me even more muahahaha - what can be better than to capture it buffet style (trust me, it will never go wrong)!

I bought woodblock to the Far East Plaza Basement to get a haircut and a nice hairdye. He was real happy even tho it burnt a hole in my pockets. The stylist was very pro and woodblock luvs his new hairstyle a lot. Thumbs UP!

Next it wasnt the end of the journey for the grooming of woodblock.

lol scary for the guys cos it feels like as tho woodblock is undergoing some operation!

Yeah you did not hear wrongly I bought woodblock to try brow threading. A fren of mine recommended Brow Haus at Paragon. By the end of the session, woodblock's eyes were moist and teary. Guess guys' threshold is indeed lower than ladies'.

But hallo guys needs to look great on their big day too. make the big sacrifice bah and be the pretty JAR(you dun expect yourself to be a vase right) beside your wife-to-be lol

P.S.: Guys will hate me for this entry if their wife start dragging them to the operating chair too.

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