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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Preview of my hanging ornament

Had been up early and wnet down to Hong's place to stuff the flowers into the test tubes. Sad to say I forgot to bring my SD card so I wasn't able to take the pics of the beautiful hanging ornament which had made for my table centerpieces. Anyway here's the samples of the stuff flowers in the test tubes.

In the noon, I finaly got some great rest from handicraft work. Now you see even tho DIY is real good but when you are the bride who is suppose to keep long finger nails to do manicure and pedicure for the wedding, I can tell you the fingers hurt like nuts especially my thumbs=(
Anyway I shall finish up on my last feather pen today and hopefully get my hands started on the envelope and pink ang pows soon.
Hong advice me to do the confetti cone next week in case I squash it lol which is so true. Then again DIY makes it a whole lot easier for me to save up much $$$$ becuase I can usually get to choose cheaper raw materials to make the things I want but that of cos comes with much help frm online ideas(but provided u have much patience to surf thru). Ok meeting Qi soon.. ciaoz

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