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Saturday, November 15, 2008


Today had a great rehearsal for the walk down the aisle with woodblock, flowerboy and girl with the great sunny weather=) Realise it can be quite a torture for me to walk at turtle pace esp at the stairs as I easily topple despite wearing flats.

After the rehearsal, had a mini discussion with wedding coordinator, Qi to talk out the details of the prog and I am impressed by all the details she take cares of, making me feel assure and secure that every little thing is being taken care of and not miss out to ensure a smooth flow of the events and music.

In the noon, we waited for Hong and M to join us in the deco part to try hanging our decos at the hut and to measure out the length of organza sash for the railings of the staircase.

I'm so happy to find that MOG has also included a very cute artificial tree with ome white floral near the staircase =)

Christina has also kindly agree to try her best to get nice potted flowering plants tobe place around the hut area (you see this season is the monsoon season so it is kinda of hard to get potted plants =( )

Finally wanna wish Siow Wee and Wanjing all the best! Today was a great night sharing all your bliss and it was really a romantic proposal! Glad that my ideas did help =)

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