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Monday, November 24, 2008

Pink and White Wedding! The BIG DAY overview!

In order to let my frens who weren't here at my ROM to have a first peek at the ceremony, here's the pics by Rongzhao and Linda b4 editing =)

Arrival of my guests!

My Eldest Bro and Sis-in-law

The wonderful restaurant Crew from Vanilla Pod

I'm so happy that my Granny could turned up for my wedding. I am very touched and I would like to thank Qi, Aunts, Big Bro and Dad for making this come true for me as it means a lot to me and my granny.

So where's the bride? and groom?

My make up Artist, Li Hua

Ah jie (Sherlyn helping Woodblock to make up)

Yay the Dolled up Princess Christine and Prince Woodblock

Our Vows in Chinese
Our Love Hut Deco

Rom table

All the hut decos were personalised to my own likings. I even gotten the flower pomander at a discounted price!

Flowers on the railing were tied by me and Hong into semi ball so it actually looks cute!

The dining area

My cute Japanese wild Rose potted plant with my DIY Loilli Pop

Elegant Stand made by Hong, Qi and me.
Lovely details prep by Hong

Couples table for a special wedding ceremony

Let's not forget all the sweet Yummies made by Linda!

Sweet pink cupcakes

All my mahjong Kakis! Thanks for helpinging me with the photo booth=)

My wonderful JC buddies! Thanks for gracing this event and I luv your gifts so much. lol now I have a great album to put my pics in and a lovely Crystal Ball to listen to those tinkling music. ihv been eyeing those musical crystal balls for so long but bu she de buy!!!!

Woodblock's Sec buddies who went thru thick and thin with him (heard they were some kind of shortie gang back den)
Flower girl awaiting for her first walk!

Flowerboi and woodblock rushing to take their place.
All the guests awaiting for the big moment

So are our cute little groom and flowerboi (both waiting for their dream girls)

The arrival of the flower gurls lol. I luv Hong's dress reminds me of Sex and the City! Mabbe should asked her where her fren gotten tht pretty frock. I wan one too! BIG HINT to woodblock

Yup we also deco the railings ourselves too =) Love the pretty vines! Brings out the garden theme even more!

Now it's my turn to make the Princess appearance!

Need to look down in case I fall down =( UNGLAM

Prince woodblock welcoming Princess Christine

Prince Woodblock: I'm willing to give all my properties, money, assets to Christine. I promise will listen to her all my life.

Princess Christine: I'm willing to accept all his properties, money and assets. I promise to give him all sorts of rubbish instructions since he has just swore that he will listen to me. MuAHAHAHAA

Prince woodblock signing the papers to sell himself as my slave muahaha (mai sheng qi)

Ok now the buyer of Prince woodblock will sign the papers too. I luv fair trade!

My dad signing the papers

JP signing the papers. Where's the pic that i hav uploaded where woodblock's dad sign the papers? Weird blogspot!

JP: I hope you understnad that there shall be no regrets for this sale of Woodblock's life freedom.

Officially boss and slave (ok husband and wife i mean)

What's a wedding w/o a kiss right!
Our JP was really funni. While I was trying to get my bouquet of flower back. I think he blurted out: 'Now the groom shall present the flowers to the bride!'
Woodblock and me was like ?!?!?!?!
Thank goodness JP din miss out the kissing the bride part... whew

Prcielss experssion on woodblock's face when he realise what he had signed was a slavery contract!

Hey I can be quite a gentle wife sometimes!
I'm getting ready for the bouquet throwing ceremony!
Love the angle where woodblock look at how high I have flung the bouquet.

But.... the angle was terribly wrong so I re-threw the bouquet again!

I shall not reveal who caught the flowers until i gotten the photos lol
The guests then proceed to the restaurant for sumptious meal!

Woodblock making his thank you speech.
Let's all cheers togther!

How can i resist not taking photo with my granny.
Woodblocks' family! All of them have baby face!
My turn to make the thank you speech
Surprise came for Princess Christine when woodblock wans to sing her a song.
Princess Christine listen intently and ...

she teared for she was so touched by woodblock.
Woodblock started to tear and cry while he sings with his heart.
So Princess Christine went up to wipe his tears for him.

To be honest many of our frens and family were almost tearing becos they were touched by woodblock's song.
Ah li : ' I teared becos Ah kor was singing with the crying tone.'

After the touching song, now it is the romantic wedding ceremony that I have planned. Glad that Woodblock and Hong luv the idea too!
We wrote each other a letter on the spot. The letters were then sealed with a bottle of wine in a wooden box and finally locked up.
ONly on either 2 occasions will we opened the box.
1) When our marriage is on the rocks. HOpefully reading the letters will help remind us of our love and save the marriage.
2) 25th yr anniversary. We will open the box, read the letters and celebrate the success of our marriage with the wine =)
Luv the deep meaning to this box, it is almost like a time capsule but only even more meaningful.
Of cos then we had some games!

Ook from our expression, you know how fun it actually was for us!
Thank you so much to Hong, Qi, Marvin, Xuan and of cos my wonderful Lao Gong for giving me the sweetest wedding I can ever dreamt of!

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