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Monday, November 3, 2008

Minor Editing

Woke up this morning and review my display board and realise that the heart shapes din stand out so added a simple white borded to give the necessary contrast =) Another advantage of the boarder is that now it seems to enlarge the picture and fill up the blanks at the corner. I have also added more floral confetti to the board from the request of woodblock!
Just a few days ago, I was eating dinner out with woodblock and his frens at The Central - while waiting for them I walk around and saw this lovely display by TungLok:

Sometimes it makes me wonder how the beading was done because i luv the idea of have beads on fishing line with space in betwn to create a droptlet kind of feeling with is sweet as tho the couples is signing papers midst of rain droplets(rain is usually believe to be a good/lucky sign during weddings) . Ok gotta rest =)

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