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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Preview of New Pen Stand

Today had been a real long day for me and esp since I din slp well last night, it seem to drain my energy by quite a bit and by the time I met Hong to go down to get some cloth to deco the railings of the staircase of MOG, I am practically half dead. Well I guess running around to buy materials for the pen stand had been quite draining but I am pretty satisfied with the results:

Well Woodblock and I saw a penstand one bridal forum and woodblock says he likes it better, so I have to redo the whole penstand.

Here's the picture I saw on the forum. The bride is selling the base at 8 bucks but sad to say that even tho I have email her, she hasn't reply so due to time constraint I have to do one myself =(
Lovely feather pens amidst Pink Blooms
Well this is a preview of my work. It really wasnt easy to find a heart shape base but nevertheless, woodblock has a sharp eye and we found one while shopping around =) Like I mentioned I am too tired today so I only manage to finish up one feather pen. I shall do the other one tmr together with other art work(which I haven plan on which to do yet).
My wonderful pink gem butterfly!
Yes many are pondering how much I spend on this pen stand: Much more expensive den buying from the bride on the forum but way under 20 bucks =) Mind you a pen stand cost 30 bucks plus alone and feather pens may cost another 20 plus on their own(but of cos I m referring to those huge flamboyant ostrich feather haha).
I shall retire to rest for the night!

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