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Sunday, November 9, 2008

My Treasure Box is Out

Was very happy this morning when I saw the newly made wooden box. I must say woodblock's dad is realy efficient! TADA here's the new TREASURE BOX of ours! First thing I did was to deco the lock with the left over stickers left from the making of the invitation envelopes and I must say that it really looks great and sweet on the white lock and keys(yep all the hinges, lock and keys are frm Diaso).

The bottle of wine fits perfectly into the treasure box. The 2 pink envelopes are lightly bigger so I will need to make fine adjustments.

Close up of the very cute lock and keys! I think that the one buck is really cheap when u can use the hearts on so many occasions! (Note: Do stick the hearts on both sides of the lock and keys to make it picture perfect as we neva noe what the orientation of the lock and keys will be.)

lol I'm super indulge with the keys and lock so I took another pic with a different orientation (if you are observant enuff, you will notice this time round the pic is taken on the other side of the lock - yeah they are picture purrrfect on both sides!)

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