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Sunday, November 9, 2008

My Customise Pink Garden Packet (Pink Pows)

An alternative to Ang Pows =)
I have been trying to look high and low for the pink angpows which I wan to grab hold on so that I can give it to my flower girl and boy + JP + MUA + Photographer on that day =)
Sad to say it is so hard to find a pink ang pow let alone an ideal one.

Now the market rate for the angpows are perhaps about $1.20 for a pack of 10 standard wedding angpows.

So with the same $1.20 I decided to get hold of some wrapping paper that caught my eye for a few weeks and recreate it into my own customised Pink Pows!

Tada here's my creations!


Close Preview 1

Close Preview 2
Each wrapping paper can make about 12 Pink Pows so the verdict is - make ur own ones cos it is much cheaper and unique! Took me only 15 mins or less to make them =)

Don't worry Hong I will come up with the story blah by this week just that the inspiration bug hasnt got to me completely yet lol. Anyway I finish tying the glass tubes with the ribbons le =) I'm so efficient.

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