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Sunday, November 30, 2008

My Manicure and Pedicure at a Steal!

Yep another essential thing a bride needs to make sure is not just going for facial, but to ensure that when we put on the ring, our hands will also be picture purrrffect!

So about 2days b4 the wedding I went down to Beuaty Assets in AMk Central with Qi (and recommended by her too) to shape my eyebrow and do French Manicure and Pedicure.

It is now on promotion at a price of 40 bucks for both manicure and pedicure plus free paraffin wax for either your feets or hands (usually pple will go for feets becos it is more ex).

For french manicure and pedicure, it is an added 5 bucks each for the mani and pedi so the total cost will be 50 bucks =) quite a steal isnt it?! Tell them it is for ur wedding and they might throw in free nail art for you=)

For me I din want those complicatd nailarts so I just request for only my thumb nails to have a simple ribbon drawn.

Ok here's the showcase of their portfolio on their Customer Christine.

NOTE: I took this photo about a week after my wedding so by now it has undergone many dish washing and other crazy work chores=)

Notice the nice silver lining which they did for me for free becos is it my special day! The silver lining makes a whole great diff becos it seem to highlight the edges and gives a young princessy feel to it. Hello I know that it some botches here and there on the pics, BUT it is already 11 week plus after I do so much chores, this condition is consider excellent le!

Luv their wonderful service. Made me feel at home with all this value added services and made me wanna go for more pedicures next time.

My pink ribbon. A little blurry becos I took the pic on a bus. Actually this is nt how the ribbon first looked like, but the ladies redid the ribbon in a fw colours until i am satified with it. What an I say, I am pleased with it and that's professional esp for a neigbourhood shop like this, it impress me further.

Final showcase. Cant get enough of it. Told Qi and Woodblk that I will cut away the nails soon becos I hate long nails ->impede many of my Art works. However whenever I see this pretty nail colours and design, I just couldn't bear to cut it=( I am so caught in between.

Just to side track, the eyebrow shaping costs only $5 can you believe this? The best thing is luv the shape, very slim line and pretty! It was better then a lot of the eyebrow shapings I had done at other beauty shops and

Pls dun hog that shop now that you know that there is a secret seal like this becos I know I'm going to frequent this shop muahahah!

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