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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Ang Pow Box

Many of the modern chinese wedding nowadays will definitely have a proper box for guests to deposit their angbows for the wedding couple during the reception.
Most of them are normal paper boxes with nice wrapping paper, some adorned with cute teddy bears, or some kind of small cute cuddlies.

Just that teddies are really not M and my kind of style, so we decided that we wanted something vintage, preferably a metal tin of sorts. And we can customise it to fit our candy theme as well.

We found our tins at the least expected place, at M's ah mah's old provision shop.

It is such an old provision shop, even the cashier is the old antique Milo Tin on a pulley system.
Unfortunately, we lose a good part of the photos here, can't post it here.

M's dad and ah mah informing the relatives and friends of our wedding.
M trying to look like he is helping.

I couldn't resist exploring the whole place.
The kitchen behind is still functional, with the charcoal stove!

We emerged with 2 victory finds!
Lipton Tea squarish tins! Perfect for us!

Actually we had a photolog of the whole process of us doing up the tins, but we lost it.
But here's the final product~
In short, we sprayed the tins, designed the vintage chocolate labels from Hersheys and printed it out and stuck them on the tin.
The little accessories on the tins are just some stuff we found while shopping and decided to add them on.

So tadaa~ Here they are!

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