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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Storage For the Princess

I am dying to look for a nice and unique Cosmetic Case to put all my cosmetics in esp with a growing cosmetic collection i am building up with my knowledge growth and familiarization with make up!

My old make up pouch can no longer hold everything together and it is such a hassle to have only a portion of my make up in the pouch bag while the rest is always lying somewhere outside the bag.

However, as i shop around the neighbourhood stores and mall, i just simply cant find a nice cosmetic case at all =(
To make things worse, I am on my cleaning spree in recent week (hey you din think i will just slack off and make a big mess out of my room after my wedding right?). I didn't just want to be an "appearance" housewife(part time) so I even clean up and organise all the clothings in all the various compartments(with some help from woodblock).
Therefore, it seems there was an even urgent need for me to get suitable compartments to nicely map out n organize out all my stuff.

Love the bold colour combination! Wish I have one like this too!
I am also looking for a proper earring holder too becos i realise all my earrings are always in a mess and the sad thing is ALL the things I want is always not available in my SIGHT whenever i need them.

I am already so desperate that I am contemplating to DIY something like this if i ever have time:

Space-saving and acts like another piece of art work on the wall. But the prob is I do not want to touch and make another hole on the wall uneccessary, esp if I am going to stay with my in laws, I will at least need to reserve some corner in my room and deco it as baby corner next time just in case.

But I thought this was very smart too considering I am also in need for a holder to put all my watch-bracelets. But I think it is a little much space consuming though.

The question now is: Where is my Santa Claus?

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