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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Swee Suite

Many btbs from Grand Shanghai (GS) are also as curious as I was that what kind of executive suite are we being offered by GS (restaurant) esp when we are not being offered a bridal suite by Grand Waterfront Corpthorne Hotel.

Sad to say everytime i log into the bridal thread forum for GS, there is always minimal info being offered by previous GS brides. So it always end up with us btbs giving each other minimal and guesswork info.

So even it might seem crazy, but i am ready to do a comphrehensive log entry about the wedding prep to give a candy eye treat to GS btbs!

On the day of the banquet, Ah li, woodblock and me checked in at the executive suite provided by GS at aroudn 12pm. Since it is THE SUITE, you find that our treatment is like for the royalties and we were being shown our way to the 29th floor's reception area (wah they even have a special reception for VIPs staying in suite separated from the rest of the hotel guests in the hotel).

We were warmly greeted by the staff there and we were being asked to wait at the executive lounge while our room is being prepped =) But even before we sat down, something drew our attention!

Why are we posing so eagerly at the pillar??

LOL do we look like we are dressed appropriately???

Soon after the short fun, we settle into the lounge and were being recieved by the breath taking city view!

I wonder if that is an astounded expression or an expression of height phobia! but Ah li sure had a great load of fun.

Her more demure princessy da sao posing with the gorgeous window view!

Of cos sometimes a demure person has her ANIMAL TIME!


*Ahem* this is not call an executive lounge for nothing! there was lush couches and even complimentary drinks but of cos doesnt include alcoholic drinks =P and a nice TV to keep us occupy while waiting!

Finally we were being shown to our Swee Suite! To be honest my first impression of the room was that it was kinda of small esp when we compare it to bridal suite pics we normally see online for hotels. But then again after exploring around, i find it kinda cosy and not bad=)

The living room area

It seems like a habit for women => we love the sense of belonging and it took me long to set up the table as my own princess dressing table.

I also stuff all my add on decos in one corner beside the dressing table in case i forgotten about bringing it down later on.

The second place i always explore with be the bathroom. YES women are very fussy when it comes to toilet!

Quite a comphrehensive toilet amenities but for BTBS you should really be bringing your own bottle of make up remover + bottle of hair conditioner(to be applied before hair shampoo to soften the hair)

Seems like a new trend but hotels are all going ECO friendly and asking you to change and use less of new towels and amenities. Like this idea very much esp if i own a hotel some day becos it seems like a cost saving idea too lol.

Well there wont be a need for both the newly wedded couple to fight for loo when it comes to showering since there are 2 bathing units! but in the end, all of us opted for the shower one strangely becos it seems faster and a time saver may it be before the banquet or after the banquet to rush for a good rest.

Ah li, being a woman like me too, is territorial and soon also set up and customise one corner of the living room with the shoes....
From left Ah li's, Princess Christine's, Sir Woodblock's

Finally the last stop.... The BED!

There is 2 translucent sliding glass door that separates the living room area and the bedroom. However, if this is the bridal suite, this will be a poor design as no one can change in the room without being in view by the rest of the pple in the living room area =(

Love the comfy hotel beds! Esp when it is decked with a GAZILION pillows!!!

I couldnt helped jumped in to the bed to test drive it first!
The verdict: It is indeed a Princessy Bed!

There was also some nice sweet little details and surprise from the hotel.

Fresh pink roses!
Hints and tips: Seriously, I dun think you will be that energetic after the banquet for any floral bath. So dont waste the roses! As i am using large pink rose blooms for my banquet deco, so I plucked out the pink roses for their petals and decorate the reception and photo album table area =)

The hotel also provided us with a nice pretty boxof chocs. I am not sure whether if it was tasty as I was having a cough so i gave it to my sis in laws to eat instead =)

I wonder why hotels always serve fruits decked with insecticides(notice the thick powerdery layer on the fruits?) and do not wash it prior to serving it =(

A cute detail we discover while we were busy relaxing in the princess bed while watching tv! Even the tv knows who is watching it!

Just a little side track. As woodblock forgotten to collect the corsages for the parents for the banquet, we took a shortcut and ordered them from a florist located at the floor level at our block.

To my horror:

This was their product! We were laughing like nuts about the weird curly roots of the corsages and how ridiculous it was for such a HUGE bloom to be place in the pockets of our daddies! I wasnt exaggerating when i say that my father in law's face turn pale when we asked him to wear! It was really ugly like nuts. It seems like a sexist remark but the florist shop was purely make up of all guys who doesnt seem to know much about floral aesthetics lol!

so in the end ah li, ah jie, woodblock and me took some time to adjust the corsage to make it look decent and nice => till my father in law was finally ready to say "I DO" to wearing it. (i know it must had been a traumatising experience for him)

The finish piece!

A direct comparison!
The "drive me crazy" corsage vs the "whew! i am finally beautiful" corsage.

What are those 2 fellas looking at???

From the pic, we know exactly in future who is the boss and the office worker of the marriage (muahaahahahaha! evil laughter shrilling the cold air of december)

ERmmmm, excuse me?

Princess Christine: Yes? (with a suave bossy pose as she turns around to meet her employee)
Ok I really had so much fun that I insisted that Ah li must help me take many pics like a big boss looking at the city line from her own office!
=> The Feeling??? = >

It is so freaking tall!

The beautiful HDB view from our room!

That's definitely not me hor! I know pple like Mei-de-beauty, Hongderella and Snow Xuan will surely point their fingers at me with such bo liao acts! It is obvious that the only bo liao person in the suite is Ah li! I am never into such kind of nonsense esp as a wonderful princess with a royalty bloodline.

While the 2 crazy nutcases, ops i mean one nutcase + one princess were wandering around the suite for some mean self created adventures on our own

Yes, as usual it is home SUITE home for Sir woodblock who make himself comfortable snuggling in the cosy bed sheets!

We spent our time dillay dallying until almost a near 4 pm before we finally set out to GS to do our deco set up =)

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