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Monday, December 14, 2009

A true Honey Kong Trip - Final Day 05

The morning of our final stay, we were still busy with our food search! Mind you this porridge store was freakingly difficult to locate. We finally realise why we couldnt find it during day 03...

This store opens only in the morning hours as it is located in a market! To make things hard, the market wasnt obvious until u looked carefully at the clues of some animals sign and the store is located on the 3rd floor of the building of the market.

Our yummy porridge! It has a subtle sweet taste and I luv it! The only bad thing is that there are tiny fish bones here and there =(

the porridge is so famous that some Japanese Magazine was taking some shots of the porridge...

After the breakfast, we went for a walk down the streets to wait for the Langham Shopping Place to open.

Woodblock asked me to capture a view of the street to show our friends and families that the streets indeed felt like what we saw from the movies.

After shopping, we went to look for the famous roasted goose (as requested by me).

This is a MUST visit when you go to Hongkong cos i really luv the food.

Interesting facts.. but i wonder if it is true....

I realise after numerous tries in Singapore and Hongkong, i din really like Yuan Yang as it tasted slightly sour after the tea and the coffee is mixed together. I wonder what is the craze for it then?

Real Abalone! Yum Yum

The star! The crispiness of the skin was terrific! The fat layer was minimal as many must have melted away somehow during roasting. I think it must have took ages to rooast the goose as some of the crispy skin layer was thick ... totally tasty! I wish i could have TA PAO some back to singapore.

Some cool shots as I luv the red tiles at the Mongkok station.

We actually had so much time that we even bought tickets to the movies!

Love the great variety of meals they offer for the movies! In comparison i felt that singapore's one is crazily expensive and have too few varieties to satisfy our taste buds.

If you have the chance and time, do try out catching a movie over there. The cinema was really spacious and even your food is delivered "HOT" right to your seats. Totally luv such service! Sometimes when we buy our food arly, we end up finishing even before the movie starts. but in this case, they calculated the time and deliver the food just when ur movies starts! totally THUMBS UP!

Finally our last stop for the day before returning to the hotel to fetch our luggage (we already checked out in the morning).

How can u visit hongkong without visiting this?

Their desserts are superb! I heard that they did open up in singapore once but it end up closing down =( WHY?!?!?!?!?!?! WHY WHY !!!!!
I would have been their fan if they open up here.

We ordered mango with bird nest set.

Look at how much bird next they put in!!!! you can totally taste it in your mouth becos of the luxury serving.

Much thoughts have been put to the design of desserts. Usually our mango is in the puree form. But they actually went to the extra miles of freezing the puree so that it ensures that it is cold and chilly when being mixed with the milk and birdnest! Luv the details!

The mango was very SWEET too!

BRING me back here again pls!

A final goodbye to out Hotel!

While woodblock is waiting for the shuttle bus, i thought i should take a feel snap shots for memories...

Good Bye Hongkong! I will miss you!

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