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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Our first Kelong trip at Desaru!

I think I am nuts becos i did 3 blog posts at one go! I be going to genting soon this sunday BUT next week is something i m looking towards to! Chris told me the pics should be ready next week and we can go collect the pics!!! So I will soon be able to share them with all btbs =)

OK enjoy my 3 blog posts...

After Hongderella and Marvin came back their honeymoon trip, it seems that they still into a honey mood time and call along us onto a kelong trip with them under a short notice.

So we met up early morning at Marvin's place (did i mentioned that they stay quite near us?), Marvin's daddy was very kind to drive us down =)

The Changi Ferry Terminal. Even though is was a Sat, there were hardly any pple but i the serenity of it!

Look at what Marvin has packed for all of us!

LOL from Diaso my fav shop! We laugher when we saw it and I told Marvin this is only for GOLDFISH lah!

Marvin even packed all the necessary fishing stuff neatly in a box! and even prep 2 sets for me and woodblock. so sweet of him! If not i will really have to throw woodblock down into the sea as bait for fishing le...

Such a small hook? I cant tell you how painful it is to get hook by it. It is super duper SHARP!

The fake worm from diaso which doesnt work. But strangely, they are very lifelike and good for playing pranks!
Woodblock always help me fill in all the white cards atc so as usual he is busy making sure everything is right and proper.

While we were lazing around, Marvin was very busy getting him and his new lao po well fed.

The boys were actually secondary school mates too like Hongderella and me. I wonder if they felt that their life is like celebrity, while they were like busy discussing important stuff, we were like busy snapping away...

Finally it was time to board the ferry!

Fishing is a MeN's thing! So the 2 bros tried to give us their most Menly pose together.

Aiyoh they should learnt from me, I always do things slowly one. Do you realise they will rush like mad in front of me (w/o waiting for me) ??

See there they go again... same thing like during our trip to the Re! Hotel.

I always thought woodblock walks in a strangeway, you see he is sooooo flexible until he can walk and sway his hand all the way to his butt???
The NEW Vitoria Catwalk fashion wave? *MEOW*

The walk of the bros as they take their first step into their great adventures!

UP on the ferry, I was super excited and asked woodblock to take a snap with me..... BUT

He wasnt ready and was busy yawning away =(
No way, take 2!

A happier grin. I wonder what is it with woodblock, I told him to chin down a little during close shot as it will appear as double chin and ugly..

No way take 3...

BUt woodblock is so lazy dat he cant even tilt his head down. So i helped him by taking the shot from above! But what's with the rabbit tooth?

By the 4th shot, woodblock's was totally tired and his smile faded away lol Actually I was just trying to disturb him! Gotcha woodblock =P

Right him front, Hongderella wasnt giving Marvin any good time too lol.

Finally we reached after a short perhaps 30 mins or so and we soon boarded a van catered to us.

The van brought us to another small pier where we were being fetched to the kelong.

Which boat ar?

Seriously, we were very mean. All of us boarded the ferry and once it was left Marvin's turn, we were so evil that all 3 of us sat to the other side and we told him it was to "balance" the boat as we dun wan to capsize....

YAY off to the kelong!

The pple staying around this area apparently live off fishing, we saw many of them hangingaround at diff locations all prep with thier fishing rod in action.

Soon we arrived at the Kelong. It is a rather quiet and serene place.

We were being shown to our Japanese Suite lol.

OK rooms i mean. the reason why i call it japanese style was that the door was a sliding door and bed was actually place on a platform.

The toilet with a vintage shower head!

Here's our "platform" bed.

Even though there is an air conditioning unit in the room, there is a timing as to when the electricity is being switched on so as an alternative, there is also a fan place in the room.

Soon there was a downpour. Woodblock din like rain as he felt that it restricts his movements.. (but seriouly i din take much of his sentence as he HARDLY moves around much either so i dont understand even if it dont rain, where the heck is he goin to move to? into the sea?)

Another family who was also at the Kelong with us. They are a very sweet big family who travels around together bringing their kids to various places to have a diff taste of life from the city.

I have no idea why the table have to be so equally share between us. we were like sitting freaking far away from each other until the boys were laughing. of cos we soon move to sit together closer.

It seriously almost felt like those western fine candlelight dining, cos other den sitting far away,

They even display out ur dining utensils neatly!

We even each have our own bowl of soup!

You can tell how fast they were diggin in! Nothing beats hot food for our hungry tummy in the cool raining day at the Kelong!

After the meal, Marvin started teaching us how to use the fishing line etc..

Hongderella sulking with me for there was no fishy =(

I went to check out woodblock in action!

Of cos I wanted to have a share in the fishy biz!

BUT I wasnt a patient person and SOON I waited until i almost fall aslp...

So woodblock suggested we go to new areas for fishing!

There at the new place, I nearly dropped my hook to fish out the fishes when i saw quite a number of big fishes swimming around. i was so super duper excited!!!!!!!!!!!

Luckily the boys stopped me in time when they saw how excited i was screaming for big delicious fishes, as those fishes was actually reared in nets and owned by the kelong and not my from the sea.

HENG is the word that the boys were muttering after stopping me! *WHEW*

Still no luck. and eventually we moved to another new spot!

YAy we finally got our luck and caught our very first FISH! I was so excited and at that moment i felt dat woodblock looks freaking manly lol despite holding a tiny fish =) My HERO *heart meltz*

We din know we need to add water into the bucket so all our fishes died.

Soon luck was on side and there were so many fishes coming in! It got to a point there were TOO many of them and our hands were so tired!

As my patience is low, I soon challenge and wanted to use the small fish as bait and catch a bigger fish!!!

Here's my BIG CATCH:
This is not a twig!
Marvin was helping me cos all 3 of us freak out upon seeing the fish and was acting like 3 sissies out there screaming and saying " eek , ewwwww, yucks etc" kind of nonsense.

Look carefully it is an eel.. A SUPER DUPER SLIMY one. It got tangle with the string and it can bend so much it kept tying a knot with its own body. TOTALly disgusting so much that even Marvin and the kelong pple also din feel like touching it at all.

In the end, we left the stupid eel on the ground cos it tangle itself with the string and we were left with no clue how to get it out. OS we went for a boat trip out to NOWHERE.... meaning the boat will cruise aroudn aimlessly lol

A peaceful time being enjoyed by the boys

We were very notty and we soon dared Marvin to lie on the deck in front lol. Of cos he din try becos there din seem much of any support below the deck. What a waste, it will be nice to lie down there!

I took this pic myself... lihai right lol!

Marvin asked me to take a pic of him being cool like some Captain Jack Sparrow cruising down the end of the world.....

But half way the captain's butt was itching (super unglam) hahah

After the trip, we went to fish for a little while more before a quick bath and soon it was dinner time !

BBQ dinner!

The rest of the night was still fishing and guess what? Marvin caught 2 big Grouper (shi ban)! LIHAI right! all the other fisherman were green with envy! Too bad i dun have a pic of it as i used Hongderella's camera to take the pics instead.

Other then the crazy mosquitoes, it was pretty fun but I hope we can go to a kelong out in the open sea and not at the mangroves as i was really itching all over.

It got pretty serious and i ended up visiting a doctor and taking anti biotics. BUT I am all well now =)

LOVE the trip becos it just felt like going back to the 60s somehow esp when we went for a city tour to visit a town and chance upon a wedding! I guess a wedding can be as cosy and yet warmth even though it is just a simple banquet.

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