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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Instant Photocards

Here's a vendor that I would highly recommend to everyone who is having any upcoming events.

The guests were all so happy to have a professional photographer taking a photo of them as well as having it projected live on the side screens. It brought much fun and laughter for the guests. Even my sister wants to have it for her own wedding too. =D

As M and my wedding was a lunch affair. It was too rushed for any express video thingy to be done and shown to the guests. As an alternative, we got the livestudios where they took shots of our solemnisation just 2 hours before the lunch reception. And these were shown during the lunch before our first march-in.

We even got to design our own card borders~ well, the guys in livestudios helped us. But it was another chance for us to emphasize our tiffany blue, white and black theme as well as the wedding monogram.

Here are low-res scans of them, koped from my sista.

My sista, dad and mum, the people dearest to me for always.

I love these 2 shots. Speaks for themselves.

So many sistas!! everyone of us got our own copy, something which i really liked about it. It will sit in my little treasure box.

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  1. Hi can I chk with u where u get ur wedding gowns from?? So pretty ! And ur bridesmaid gown ? can u email me?