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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Going Green!

During this holiday, I really enjoy the taste of being a full time housewife lol! Look what woodblock bought for me when we went to JB last weekend with his colleagues for some makan and KTVing session.

A Chic Mickey Mouse Recycle Bag! I told woodblock some time before that after our wedding, I wan to be a GREEN housewife and carries a recycle bag to the grocery store(NTUC la) =) But then again i din like the designs of the recycle bag i have seen around and the real nice ones cost like more den 10 over bucks which i dun think any housewife will bear to use it at the supermart at all.

Love the leather like pop up ears and feets! So cute!

Dont even look like a recycle bag at all and makes me look like a modern n chic housewife at the supermart! Shuai Dai le! (cool to the bits)

If you are carrying your own bag, you find that you can stuff this recycle bag easily into your small bag like what i usually did, becos it can be folded easily into this!

So cute right? It looks like as though Mickey is being caught and tied down to the bag lol!
Cost: Approx slightly less then S$5

Now some micellaneous pics:

I always wanted to show woodblock how easy it is to make pancake!
TADA the golden pancakes that I made!

Golden from the side

Still Golden looking from Top view!

The best of all? After a week's training at home cooking pancaks orm y own breakfast, i have learnt to control the amount and is able to make much lesser no. of pancakes! See only 4 for each of us, if not the woodblock and me will end up being too full and fat =(

I also cooked up some fish curry for woodblock last night for dinner after he have been pestering and telling me he wans to eat fish curry!

The ingredients! As woodblock and me were both trying to slim down, I thought this dishwas super fattening actually. So i tried to add in more veg rather den more meat. I also refrain from adding coconut milk and replace it with fresh milk. I also took a freaking long time comparing the fat contents of the curry paste mix before buying.

Finally I cooked up the "Perfect" rice according to woodblock. but unknown to him, i almost forgot to cook the rice and paid much less attention to it and just any how quickly wash and add in water and quickly put it into the rice cooker.

The claypot fish curry => kinda blend becos i added in too much water.

BUT strangely, without going to the loo, woodblock and me both lost weight this morning (we somehow had this weird habit of weighing ourselves every morning becos it helps to boost our moral by being the lightest at that point of time)!


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