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Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Crazy Prawn Noodle!

They are many pics that I have taken and forgotten to blog about it and one of this must POST will be the Oiishii prawn noodle that I took woodblock out to eat! I got to know about this noodle stall after my colleagues brought me out to eat before the invigilation and boy i do feel in luv with the prawn noodles.

So as usual I went home to brag about it in front of woodblock and he was soon going bonkers esp when he heard i ate something fabulous and he din get to eat.

Once we were back in Singapore, he still hadnt forgotten about the Prawn noodle and made me bring him down to eat specially.

The Whitley Road Big Prawn Noodle at Novena

Me and my coffee Prince Hair! But seriously, I am sort of getting acustom to the new short hair style since I did cut my hair shorter than this a few times when i was back in secondary school. Easy to keep and comb (not much combing actually lol).

Woodblock is like a nervous kid awaiting for his prawn noodle...

Wah so famous until there were loads of news paper cutting around.

Finally the noodles came, woodblock must have thought i was like a super brag becos he din top up extra $$$ for the bigger prawns.

Woodblock ordered pork + prawn + yellow noodles(dry)
This combination is ordinary and end up very normal for our tastebuds =(

For me I was more extravagant and ordered the most ultimate combination that I luv!

HUGE prawns + Thick Bee Hoon + Soup base!

Dont look huge to you at all from this pic??!?!?!

Dont worry let me help you out!

TADA my huge kick butt Prawn vs the nomal size prawn we eat!

Look there's even orange roe!!!!!

Even the soup is crazy! So thick and sweet!

The reason why i luv their thick bee hoon so much is that I know exactly how the unique texture came about.

I usually dont like the fresh thick bee hoon out from the market becos they always taste so blend and too soft for me. The type of thick bee hoon i like must be those which has been dried before before taking it out to hydrate. TRUST ME the texture and taste becomes weirdly very different and the noodles is much more tastier this way.

GOOD news is that the prawn noodle owner founder must have the same sentiments and taste of noodles like me becos that's what they use!!!

The prawn is so huge that the meat looks muscular... like 6 packs wor!

The verdict? Every single drop of soup and meat and noodle is a die for!!!!


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