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Monday, December 14, 2009

Slimming Knowledge for Brides

Hey btbs and in fact all gals,

I happened to find an interesting site about all the reviews on the slimming centres and products used by gals in singapore. I know weddng is a day we all wan to looked slim so do look through wisely and choose the most suitable slimming way for yourself. Mei-de-beauty, remember you asked me about whether those stores selling the Taiwan slimming pants etc was effective? the answer seems to be no from the users so far.

I have added this at my side bar under wedding resources even for my own reference too since i am busy thinking of ways to slim down after the hongkong trip with woodblock =) anyway end of the day, i would still say it will be best to excercise regularly as i find this the most fat losing and cost saving activity btween couples for dating.

Cheers from Princess Christine

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