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Friday, December 18, 2009

Spring Cleaning!

Finally as promise, I have finally explore and learnt how to add and categorise all my posts with labels and tags. Now it will be more convenient for btbs who just happened to chance upon our sites for a short while to quickly look for resources which will be of interest to them =) The labels to my prev posts can now found under the right navigation bar as the newly added in feature.

I hope my co-authors will be enlightened too!

As usual i like to spring clean my room whenever yr end comes and the best way to do it for me is to add in proper storage dividers and containers. So after much thought, I thought why not organize the clothings into trays so it will be easier to retrieve clothings without having to mess up the bottom layers which we usually do. ALso I do not like clothings to be folded but rolled up instead, so that the clothings could be displayed to the obvious eye view and you can pick out your clothings easily without having to mess up the other clothings in the same tray.

Yesterday, Sir woodblock brought me to the new Somerset shopping mall for some shopping. He wanted to bring me around to search for cosmetic case which i have been yearning for....

And we did!!!! It is almost the exact size and type I have been searching for and cant tell you how much I love the bright pink of the cosmetic case!!! SUPER DUPER CHIO like mad. It is made of satin texture material and I like the details of matching satin bright pink ribbon. It really gives a real luxuriant feel and super princessy and classy!!!
The sad thing is that even though i need one, I need to buy it in a set of 3. But since it is soo pretty, I din mind it at all!

The Pink Chic cosmetic case comes with a small mirror and side slots to let you insert your make up brushes and lipstick! Such a beauty isnt it???
Initially i was tempted to sell the bigger and the medium size one, but it is so lovely I felt trapped and couldnt bear to part with it!
Sigh but still I am curious, will there be any interested buyers at the cost of 14 bucks for the big one and 13 bucks for the medium one?? Please leave a comment if you are and I will take it into consideration to sell it before i get too indulge in it.

Now my royal Chic pink cosmetic case rest well in my Royal wardrobe. Cant help but notice even in the pic, it shows how shimmery my cosmetic case is!!!
I know it seems strange but i do not like to have open dressing table in my room since i dislike slping with a huge mirror around. I always felt disturbed by moving images at night. So I usually have my doll up section being installed within a wardrobe which helps me to save a lot of room space and solve my headache. So when i purchase wardrobe, i make sure it comes with the minimal royal half body length mirror.
As Xmas is nearing, I hope you have all gotten your dream gifts and look what I bought for Sir woodblock?
A Classic Multi Checked 3 way Mens Laptop/School Bag/Briefcase ordered online for his work bag! This bag is really worth it as the design is totally unique. The best thing is that men are super lazy! This bag allows the user to either hand held it, use it as a sling or even a back pack!!!!

Can carry it in 3 ways!
Details of the bag

Also available in full black and dark brown but woodblock prefers the black/white checkered one which I totally agree that it looks good and professional!
Picture Source:

So now woodblock can act cool by holding on to it when he puts little things inside or even on a tired and busy workday, he can simply use it as a backpack so that he wont have to carry it and tired out his hands!!! I am a thoughtful wife isnt it???

In fact, when I was taking the train with him yesterday, I couldnt help but notice how another guy was staring and admiring his bag from behind for quite some time *tsk, tsk, tsk*! SHUAI bah!

An early merry Xmas from Princess Christine to Sir Woodblock! I hope you like my thoughtful gift!

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