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Sunday, December 13, 2009

A True Honey Kong Trip day 04

Despite the hectic night of "streets-walking", i did had a nice rest afterwards esp after taking some medicine which woodblock has kindly ran to 7-eleven to get it for me while i was bathing.

As we head down the pier to take a ferry to The Central for brunch, we saw this clock tower which has a long history. I think it was here even before sir stamford raffles was here in singapore!

Finally we boarded the ferry which was complimentary from the bus tour package we took.

The ferry is spacious and while we were on it, woodblock as usual was taking out the map and prepping our day's trip.

Yay the long awaited for! The most ATAS meal of our trip! Lei Garden is a very famous restaurant (ok in fact most of our meals are actually recommendation from some magazine that we bought for research for the hk trip) and it even has a branch in singapore (which we only know after our visit here at the hongkong branch). it is so oiishi, woodblock says he will bring me to the singapore branch on special occasions!

This soup is so powerful that woodblock insisted that i must cook for him when i m back in singapore! it seems simple but the taste is so unbelievably good that even now i still crave for it! they call this the lao bao tang (does lao bao means chicken????=> someone enlightened me pls).

I took a pic of the ingredients for reference: Prk, Water Chestnus, Carrot and some unknown herb which i cant find in ntuc... i wonder what the hell it is... woodblock insisted that it is ginseng but i really think otherwise leh.

Wooo even the seafood bake rice is crazy.. the sad thing was that the serving it so freaking huge, we couldnt finish it at all.

Siew Mai!

After the wonderful satisfying meal, we headed down by foot to the peak so that we can let our full tummy digest the food.

We bought the tickets for the tram and headed up the steep slope of the The Peak...

Captain woodblock ?!?

It is so steep that the passengers are not allow to stand during the trip. to be honest even if they do, i dont think i want to stand. i was already like being push backed into the seat becos of the steep slope. So if you see carefully, everyone in the tram's natural reaction was to lean the head in front to oppose the pushing back effect.

Yay we are finally here!

First stop, we went straight for madame tussauds musuem!

Once you entered the musuem, be very surprised! You will be treated like some stars gracing the red carpet for there are many faux reporters pics to "welcome you" at the entrance with some flashing lightes effects. it was really a cute idea and left me and woodblock feeling excited!

Nicole Kidman

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, the most handsome couple i have ever seen.

You know why i cut my hair like a guy??? I suspected that woodblock is a GAY!!! As he asked me to helped him take a pic with Jay Chou, i din even cue him to pose and here's what he pose....

I was upset by the gayness when he is on the trip with his pretty wife! and asked him for a second reshot.

I hated how shy woodblock looked beside jay chou =P I rather he is gay with me.

Zhang Bo Zhi

This is prolly the most life-like wax figure and most good looking one in the whole museum!

But i really wonder why is he snatching a ball for?

Aaron Kwok at a fashion show runway!

I asked woodblock to pretend that he is another male model walking down the runway. To my disgust he took it upon as another opportunity to hold Aaron Kwok's hand =( Stupid gay!

So i SHOO him away and showed him the more manly way of doing the right cat walk....

Along the way i saw Ayumi Hamasaki!

Wooo.... I cant helped but envious how huge her boobs was!

The scariest wax figure in the museum! I think they need to redo Kelly, she looks very weird and ugly somehow.

I was soon exclaiming when i see Bae Yong Jun and told woodblock he is superbly handsome and the dream guy of all ladies! Again, just after the words slipped my mouth, woodblock was already running up to pose with him... HAIZ!

He told me he want all the ladies to be JEALOUS of him being able to be in the arms of their dream lover.

BUT seriously, when i see the photo now, it feels like Bae Yong Jun was slapping him for being GAY! *Chuckle*

The princesses! I even share my scarf with Princess Diana!

The royalty wave.

Everyone dreams of their hubby becoming the President someday....

But at times, the best dream is being the President yourself .....

President Christine: Down with GAYS!

What time is it?

I can be a helpful person even when i am overseas....

Princess Christine helping Ghandi around.

Do you know who this lady is???
She is Anna Maria Tussaud aka Madame Tussaud! She is a very skillful French Artist known for wax sculptures. Her wax sculptures was so live like that she was even well like by royalties!

Can you find woodblock???

Oh there he is! hmmmm he does look scholarly... LOL

My turn to get changed!

Do i look like I am studying?

Mr Lee Kuan Yee!

I realise we were both shorter than Mr. Lee Kuan Yew =(

My fav Physicist! Albert Einstein!

Whose hair is messier?

Soon woodblock asked me if he could borrow my jacket.. I wonder what was it for when he was putting it on.....

Can you guess what he is posing as????

Lol yes! Astro Boy!

The young and old Astro Boys!

Sometimes i can be quite a versatile beauty *lol*, I can be an Ancient beauty like Ling Zhi Ling or a ...

wild and western beauty like Marilyn Monroe!

Woodblock looking suave!

My romantic moments!

Woodblock's Gay Moments *shudder*

Why are you tickling him???

David Beckham

Ronaldo? ( i am not a soccer fan so pls dun blame me)

Teeing session with Tiger woods

I soon got busy changing....

TADA! Presenting SUMO Christine!

ROAR I am ready to pounce!
Woodblock strongly refuse to put on the sumo costumes and i suspected it is becos the SUMO guy wasnt handsome or well built enough....

The Beatles. I really blend in so well with my coffee prince hairstyle =)

Soon i asked woodblock to pose with michael jackson and here's what he did...

So I asked woodblock what the heck is he doing again?
Woodblock: I am the stylist for Michael Jackson.... =)
Princess Christine: (^_^!)

We are the Triplets!

Theresa Teng

Anita Mui!

After our visit to the musuem, we stepped out and took a short stroll around.

It was scenic and we deliberately went for a coffee at a cafe which overlooks the city. It was such a nice lazy noon and we idle around at the cafe for quite a while to wait for the day to break.

As evening arrives, we went up to the Sky Terrace deck to view the city from there!

The sky was of 2 colour tones! It was really fun at the decked as we waited around for the sky to turn dark. We even counted eagles and try to spot which is the first light on the streets that switched on in the whole city as it gets dark.

It wasnt long that our tummy starts to growl again. so we went to the famous bubba gum restaurant!

Same thing the restaurant offers quite a view and you can see how gorgeous the city looks like behind me.

This restaurant if derived from the Movie Forest Gump. If you can rem in the movie, Forest Gump actually open up a restaurant that sells prawns!

Our prawn platter arrived in a Cute Paper Ship!

Soon after dinner, we took the tram back to The Central and we headed for one of the malls to eat this!

How can honeymooners go home without trying the honeymoon dessert? This is quite a popular dessert chain store found islandwide.

I luve how the mango sago goes so well with tofu! Super yummy!

We were so full by then that we take away the rest of the desserts that we ordered! The pancake above contains mango and durian respectively with cream *drooling*

So the days end with a wonderful honeymoon dessert when we were back at the hotel =)

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