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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Princess Christine's Kitchen Time

Before you scroll down for a long update on the 2nd day of my honeymoon, i thought i just wanna do a quick sharing of what i cooked up yesterday for dinner for Sir woodblock....
Mango Egg Toufu!

Recently, my MIL, SIL and me luvs cooking while using recipes hat we learnt from taiwanese cooking show! so this is one of the recipe that i have tried out. It is a pretty delicious meal and i hope my da sao is reading this entry since she is a food blogger lol and may wanna try this out at home with my big bro

Here are the ingredients:
- 1 mango
- 1 tea spoon of soy sauce
- 4 spoons of yogurt
- 2 packets of egg tofu

Here's how it is being made:

1) Slice the tofu into 4 strips carefully, tofu is very fragile and breaks easily...

2) Then you dice it into small pieces so that when u fry it later on, there will be more surface expose for frying to maximise out the nice crispy outer layer.

3) As for the mango, you divded it into 2 halves. One for dicing into mango mini cube bits.

4) The other for making it into mango puree with a blender. Add one teaspoon of soy sauce or slightly more according to ur taste bud and 4 spoon of yogurt to puree and mix.

5) Place both of these into the fridge.

6) Finally go and watch tv and laze around and call ur hubby and pretend that u are busy preparing and cooking(or wateva busy nonsense you can think up off) while still watching tv and surfing net.

BUT rem to asked him to call home about 30 mins before he reaches home.

7) Receives call from hubby and you switch off the tv (so he wun know u were watching it when he get home)

8) Pour lots of oil into wok and heat it under a large fire so that the oil is extremely hot. The reason for doing this is to ensure that tofu will be crispy after frying. if you use a small fire, it will not be crispy anymore.

Safety Precautions: Do rem to dry the tofu with kitchen paper before frying!

9) Fry till golden brown

TADA so crispy, it looks like KFC popcorn chicken!

8) Go and wash your face to look fresh before ur hubby is home. You wun wan to receive him in a face full of oil right?

9) once ur hubby steps home an is changing, head for the fridge and mix the mango bits and puree together.

10) Finally pour the mixture over the tofu just before ur hubby sits down for the "WOW" effect.

If you like mango like me, Pour more!!

TADA! My yummy mango egg tofu!

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  1. Wow... Yummy yummmy! I love to eat deep fried egg tofu! Well... I am a foodie who loves to eat but when it comes to cooking... Errm...