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Friday, December 18, 2009

Kelong trip II

Since christine has kindly logged the whole trip, i shall just put on the peektures that were missing.

2 of them super chirpy in the morning.

Haiyah, i caught myself a piece of wood. =P (just kidding, vitor!)

Christine acting innocent.

Along the way there~

Christine caught boxing vitor.

Vitor sobbing secretly behind us.

Clever Christine made Vitor smiled again.

Reaching the kelong. MahJong!

2 vices on the kelong.
Gambling and sex (mosquito).

Big Surprise Catch!

Our diaso net came in handy~

We cut up the kunings (nasilemak fish) up as bait to lure bigger fish. And whoohoo~

Our second catch!

It was jumping about too much!

The all mighty foot subdued the wriggly monster!

M proved his fishing skills that day.
Here's one to commemorate your skills.

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