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Thursday, December 10, 2009

A True Honey Kong Trip - Day 02

Early morning, woodblock and me were already up and embarking on the search for more good foods. we actually bought a magazine and did our homework so that we can specially visit all the famous eateries and restaurants in Hong Kong.

We were actually looking for this teahouse the day before but we couldnt find it. however, under the brilliant leadership of princess christine, we embarked again on another food adventure and we FOUND it!

Yippee! We found it finally!

The famous Luk Yu Teahouse located at stanley street

Woodblock was very please indeed

As we sat down and enjoy tea while waiting for dim sum-of-interest to pass by, I notice the whole restaurant is being designed to a very old and vintage feel. even their clock looks vintage!

Th glutinous rice is fabulous according to woodblock.

This is interesting. normally in singapore our spare ribs dont come with the buns and i must say i luv it becos i dun like to eat spare ribs. so now with the addition of the mini bun bits, i get to enjoy tasting the sauce too!\

but our hot fav?

EGG tarts!

How good it is?

Woodblock: Let me try one....

Woodblock: Gasped (with Egg-bulging eyes!)

Woodblock: Terrific freshly bake egg tarts!
After the sumptious dim sum breakfast, we went straight down to ..... (note: we brought a set of clothes with us along with the other basic necessities while leaving the other luggage at the hotel so that we wont be bringing along too many things here and there)

Where is this train going?

TADA, does this give you a better clue on where we are heading for?

More clues!

Yes! It's HK Disneyland!

At the train station, we walked over to take a shuttle bus to get to our hotel.

Yay we are reaching! (excited)

AHA a Glamouous place fit for a princess to stay in!

The hollywood hotel!

While woodblock was checking in, i wander around and fell in the luv with this place. i swear i m gonna bring my kids here next time!

It is very sweet but they actually hav a tv corner for all the kids to watch disney cartoons while waiting for their parents to finish checking in.

Of cos not to forget the mickey mouse store which is so colourful just looking at the display alone!

We took a disneyland park view room!

We can see the other disney victorian theme hotel from our room! for a moment i thought that was the theme park itself. i wish i get to stay in that hotel some day too!

Our room!

Luv the wall pic!

I realise everything with mickey mouse print is always so kawaii.

A big window for us to look out to the disneyland park (to be honest cant see properly esp when there are so many trees in the way lol)

I luv their bottles and even took it home!

I thought this was ugly though. i wonder why they tie the towel like this. but if i m a kid i sure as hell will be screaming :

ok after checking out our fabulous room, we headed back to the park!

It makes even more dreamy while i stepped into disneyland somehow...

The whole street was so beautiful and cute! totally perfect for couples to have a romantic stroll

even the bus is both kawaii and vintage!
First stop as the arty person, i was so excited when i saw this and dragged woodblock in with me!

this is the MUST SEE! the whole set up came alive and i wish i took a video of it instead. it was SO SUPERLY COOL to bits!

Nah you din think i was vandalising do you? i dont even have a pen!

As we continue our exploration into the park...

I told woodblock this msg while pointing to myself
: "The Perfect Treat for someone Sweet"

Woodblock: ... *swallowing his saliva and perspire*

as woodblock was running around excitedly for more adventures, i noticed....

MY HOUSE lol! so it was a princess home sweet home back at her castle again =)

Soon i took sir woodblock to some mean horse riding (royalties always do that dont u know?)

Next, as the Princess, I even have to visit the forest for some animal conservation project going on....

I wish mei-de-beauty was here to take the ride cos pooh bear was her fav and this ride was really good that we took it twice!

Next on the princess's schedule:
A visit to the oscar award as VIP. Disney was trying to award various characters for different themes...

The host was a girl call bebe who is suppose to interview the various characters who is up for the awards.

Luv how they change the scenes, it really brings you into the mood!

Following, Princess Christine paid a visit to her neighbouring SMALL country call "SMALL WORLD". It is always good to pay ur neighbours a visit and strengthen bilateral ties, isnt it?

unfortunately, sir woodblock doesnt really think much of our small size can see it with the slight smug on his face...

Princess Christine posing while getting ready to enter our neighbour's country.

Aiyoh, why are you still looking so proud and haolian?

It was a glamourous and grand welcome as our neighbours welcome us both in the air and on land singing "it's a small world" in various languages!

Sir woodblock told me that he suspected that our neighbours are growing becos they dun look as small as he expected them to be.

Sir woodblock greeting the subjects of the Small World.

SIGH, being a royalty is no joke! Our schedule is so full, we had to rush down for a 4D orchestra show. I know it is written there as 3D but i meant it when i say it is 4D....

Soon the show begin, and let me warn you.... it is 4D not 3D becos there was water splattering all over us during the show. I did get a surprise and thought it was some assassins trying to take my royalty life. Yes being a princess is not easy, even our life is always under threat!

It sounds crazy, but our popularity as the royalties is not restricted to just mother earth, even the aliens from outer space knows about us! So we were invited on some hunting trip in the outer space!

sigh our spaceship was travelling in a jerky pace, that i couldnt get a good pic of our final scores =(

As usual sir woodblock was outstanding (esp when he trains himself in front of the computer simulator for 2 hours daily at night *A BIG AHEM*) and scored level 6 while i only manage to score level 3 =( . but i think he TRAINS himself too much and NEEDS MORE REST!

It waasnt soon that we got really hungry and sir woodblock went to pack some disney fast food for both of us.

When u are hungry, everything is extremely yummy!

After the meal, woodblock asked me to take a good rest and a royal noon nap (actually i was seriously very ill for the first 3 days of our trip with both flu and cough).

Yay after the nap, it was soon evening time and I was up and fresh again to re-explore the park!

While we were waiting to get on a train ride, i started taking out this special glasses distributed to us when we entered disney earlier on. so what does it do?

The normal lightings.. but once u see it through the glasses .....
OMG... BEAUTIFUL isnt it? *it even applies for the moon too lol*

Our train soon arrived. the train is kinda special becos the seating arrangements is in such a way that everyone sits sideways and faces only one direction.

We were totally blown away by the magial glasses that we keep using it to see places along the train ride....

it wasnt long before the dark sky fall but the whole place becomes very romantic with the lightings. Even the trees are dreamy and romantic wth little spotlights twinkling among the branches!

A tree view through my magical glasses!

Of cos not to miss out on the penny we spent, we went for more rides!

Why is sir woodblock always in orange rides? For Prosperity?

As more and more rides closes for the day, woodblock and me decided to take a stroll down the streets. i dun need to say much n you should be able to guess how gorgeous the street came alive with all the lightings.

Even my house light up beautifully too!

It even snowed!

Looks like there isnt a need for hair shampoo anymore...

These are fake displays but yet they look so utterly yummy.

I have never seen balloons with lights in them before! it is really cool!

Finally everyone assemble in front of my house for the big event!

Some romantic moments while waiting...

A grand Finale to our night at the park!

After the fireworks, we went back ot the hotel for a sumptous international buffet dinner with yummy treats like SNOW crab etc (Wahhh i told u it is indeed a grand and luxurious honeymoon treat from woodblock, i felt so pampered!).

Sadly, my camera batt went dead and we forgotten to bring the charger to the hollywood hotel =(

There are still quite a few interesting rides we took like the Tarzan's raft, whereby we pass by caves with blowing fire. We also managed to catch interesting shows like the Birth of the Lion King Musical and the Stitch show which is a live interactive session which left us laughing like nuts seriously(thumbs up).

I really luv disneyland and hope that i can bring my future kids there one day =)

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