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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A True Honey Kong Moon Trip - Day 01

Well I finally understand why pple often said that after your wedding, the couple must go on a honeymoon trip! you must have travel like courtless amount of time with your partner overseas prior to that so WHY the sudden honeymoon?

The reason is simple: after a crazy load of planning till the execution of wedding, a couple's energy is often drained and once the wedding is over, i cant tell you how much a couple will felt relief and joyous with a sense of achievement!

So after the banquet, we used a full good day to return micellaneous items like gowns, count ang pow money and packing for the trip, we were off flying early next morning.

As I insisted on saving $$$ esp after such a great expenditure after the wedding, so we took a budget airline to go to somewhere not too far : Hong Kong!

I must say it was kudos to woodblock, for he had planned quite a comphrehensive and fun trip for the both of us. I end up eating so much OOishii food, i gained like 2 kg after i got back =(

It was my first time taking a budget air flight so it was pretty amusing to me =)

Check out their menu!

Freaking expensive chicken rice!! and even cup noodles =P

woodblock is a morning grandpa => he is usually grouchy looking during those moments unless he gets his good cup of KOPI!

while being with a grouchy grandpa => i kept myself occupy with my fav => nds lite!

I always love window seat best whenever i travel on airplane. the view is always superbly beautiful! as usual i will usually try to capture a pic of it as memory keepsake!

Once we arrived at the airport, i cant tell u how stringent the check point was! the immigrant officers are practically asking everyone's name and even those mummies with little kids =( by the time it is done with my turn, i was already urging to go to the loo.

Since i was in an urge, i ran to first cubicle i found, and instead of doing my biz, i pause and stone there for a while, for this was what i saw:

to be honest, i can be kinda dumb at times and i thought :

" Gosh , i must have went to a male's loo since i have never seen this in the female's loo before".

So i quickly checked the sign before i let out a relief

It is actually for mummies with toddlers!

Soon we took the airport express to the cite area!

The train was very spacious an getting to the city was pretty fast in less then 30 mins.

Great view on the way! Seems like an introductory glimpse of HongKong

After taking a free shuttle bus to the hotel and checking in, we soon took the MTR (our MRT equivalent) and arrive at the Ocean Park!

Yes i am a kid at heart =P OH yes notice how short i cut my hair? I almost gotten a heart attack by the time the haistylist finish. SIGH i told them shoulder length not ear length man. Now I like some coffee prince =(

Our tickets! I wish they had used CUTER fishes pics.

First stop: HOT AIR BALLOON!

I felt so excited that i pulled woodblock and ran to queue up for this!

It is interesting becos by looking at the wind speed, there is a diff weight limit for each ride!

I am still very light on the first day ok =P but still they insisted that everyone must be weighed before going in.

Finally our turn!

when i was down there queuing, seriously i thought how low the hot air balloon rises....

BUT once i am up there, i swear woodblock was laughing becos my feets went soft and weak as i do have my fair share of height phobia =(

Yes a nervous laugh and see how tightly i held onto the bar as compared to woodblock's hand!

Ok a second shot to look more natural =)

While we were up at the hot air balloon, woodblock's eye was glue to something nearby!


Woodblock (went berserked): "LAOPO, let's jump like never before!!!!"

In the end, i did and it was hirarious becos i jumped so much higher than woodblock! i wonder if it was due to the weight or what...

Next we decided to just take a cable car ride up the hills to the other side of the ocean park to visit the aquariam.

still in a high and daze look after the trampoline jump (yes i guess it is addictive to him like caffeine)

Princee Christine still looking good and energetic as ever!

the view was pretty and it seems strange but all the cable car rides overseas always seems to be super duper long as compared to that in Singapore.

having some short fun while queuing!

It was very packed at the Ocean park and to be honest i was pretty upset with the group of tourists from China that day. There was an apparent queue to go into the aquariam reef but the folks were all pushing and cutting queue like never before. i am ok with pple cutting queues but i hate it when i get elbowed and being knocked roughly causing me pain.

It came to a point i have to emploed my special move to protect myself from all the pain here and there! so while i lead woodblock through the aquariam, i made sure both of my elbow is facing outwards. i learnt this from some crap tv shows ages ago and i am surprise i got to use it in such a dire situation! It works! it ensures which ever jerk who is trying to push you from the side or trying to jump your queue gets into some serious pain of their own before moving off.

the open air aquariam!

the fishes must have got very comfortable with so many tourists staring at them all they long until i felt that we were the ones being watched instead! check out how close the stingray swam past everyone!

woodblock is unable to decide which fishes are more yummy!

woodblock's fav fish for the day! so i decided to snap a pic of it for him as a souvenir!
there was this cute angel fish which had the audacity to keep nibbling at the giant stingray! kudos to its bravery!
See the stringray was definitely looking at the tourists like some zoo too! i swear!
Of cos all gurls like FERRIS wheels! It always seems so romantic an magaical to me at least!

It was a pretty romantic ride esp when the ferris wheel was overlooking the sunset!
There was also a funny episode that happened over here! the tourist at the back was so furious with the tourists in front of us for cutting queue and they scolded loudly " NI MEN YI DING SHI MEI DU SHU DE!" (you guys must be uneducated!) I almost blurted out laughing with woodblock becos it is very embarassing for tourists to be scolding tourist from the same country and definitely very demeaning!
ALAS a final quiet moment by ourselves! You can see how happy and relief we are by ourselves!
woodblock: SHIOK!
Soon we took a tram back down!

I notice a seahorse in knight suit by the tram station's entrance and thought it looked magnificent!
here we are waiting for th arrival of the next train!

Yay the train arrived!

I must learnt from the other tourists to be kiasu and run for the very first seat!
Love the dark atmosphere in the tram => makes it feel mysterious somehow...
A Victory to Laopo for gettings us seats!
There was some fake tv screen on the top of the train to mimic us going deep under waters.
After the ocean park, we arrives at one of the smaller pier @ Central (Zhong Huan)! The time was early and we decided to laze around to view the scenic city scenes!

It was indeed calm and soothing and even woodblock ....
felt angellic!
Soon our ferry arrived!

Good bye city area!
EH where are we heading for????
TADA! The Lantau Island for some serious seafood mania!
Yes tour guide woodblock was very please and satisfied with his introduction!

As it was a weekday, not many pple crowded tha place and it felt even more serene at the restaurant which is so far off from the city area.
The ferry ride took us about a mean 40 minutes BUT it was a smart $$$ saver becos it was equivalent to the ferry tour and it was beautiful while viewing at all the pretty city landscapes on top of the ferry. the only bad thing was that it was chilly and i caught a cold in the end =( AHhhh Chhhoooo...
First dish! LOBSTERS (wahhhhhh! i scream for you guys first lol)
Followed by some huge shellfish like seafood which we randomly point out to! the shellfish taste like a fusion of shellfish and mushroom texture! very unique indeed!

Not forgetting the honey pepper crab! one of the hot favs over there=)
Eee? what is this all covered in spring onions? Let me remove them and get a close look....
ABALONE ( Screaming wildly and running wild around the room)!!

Thank you lao gong for such a wonderful treat and i cant wait for more goody good treats for the next 4 days!

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