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Saturday, December 12, 2009

A true Honey Kong Trip - Day 03

Day 3 of our trip is another wonderful adventure!

After our fun morning at disneyland with the rides and checking out, we headed down a few stops down the MTR and went for the nygong ping 360!

I was very excited just looking at the cables cars!

So is woodblock too. I think he must be very please that he had planned all the nice trips and adventures for me. I am not aware of the daily schedules so whenever i reached a destination, it is always a pleasant sweet surprise to me!

since it is our luxury honeymoon trip, we decided to opt for the ATAS cablecar with a see through glass floor!

Finally we boarded the cable car!

We are stepping at so many feets above the sea!

we were sharing the cabin with only a pair of caucasian couple, so the whole cabin was very spacious!

the view on the cable car trip was beautiful. imagine what u are seeing above is like only 1/3 of our trip on the cable car!

Lol i love the feeling of being high on top, it feels like we are stepping on everything! even the forest!

Behind woodblock is the HongKong's Airport! Countless air planes were taking off while we were on the plane. It is superbly cool to watch air planes to take off like this in such clear plain view!

I hope our new singapore cable cars have such huge windows like this, it makes picture taking so easy and beautiful...

do you know they even wipe the glasses each time just before a group of paasengers board the cable car? you can see the glass in the cable car all sparkling and clear!

woodblock mesmorised in his own world as he sees another plane take off from the airport.

The only set back about the ride is that the ride is way way too long. i think the whole journey was at least 30 minutes, so the time i reached, i was pretty giddy given that i was still pretty ill =(

I was pretty surprise when i reached ngong ping becos instead of rural village, it was like a mini faux chinese ancient town! i know it's fake, but still under the chilly wind, everything seems pretty and dreamy somehow. So woodblock and me took a stroll and shop around the various stores on this ancient street. what a great contrast to the disneyland's western little streets!

Soon we reached the highlight of why we were here for....

The biggest iron buddha outdoor!

Princess Christine: Lao gong, can you see the buddha from here?
Woodblock : Yes, it is so big and magnificent!!! *excited*
Princess Christine: Is the view clear from here?
Wodblock: Yup, that's becos it is so huge!!!
Princess: Good, let's pray here and then we can go off le =)
Woodblock: .... ?!?

Yes, everyone included woodblock expects us to climb the crazy thousand flight of steps but seriously to me our trip here is to SEE the buddha, so it doesnt matter whether if it was super up close a not LOL. Plus there was some renovation work going on along the path, so it makes it less keen for me to proceed on.

Some interesting thing you might to take note if you ever visit this place is that along the way, when u are high up above the cable car, do look down carefully and u will see a long pathway (ok freakingly Loooooong pathway). it is meant for sincere buddhist(and hardworking of cos since i am a lazy buddhist) to walk(i think hiking is more like the word) the path across so many hills and mountains to reached the buddha by foot! i thought it was crazy and nobody would do that, but to my surprise i did came across 2 group of pple hiking along the path to reached ngong ping (i really salute them).

So finally, we came back down by cable car again and we went to the City gate outlet shopping mall for SHOPPING! Yes Sir woodblock knows what i like best! Cheap and affordable shopping...

There was so many branded goods shopping outlets and it was pretty fun shopping around.

Finally as the night sky falls, we went back to out hotel to rest and put on more layer of coats to combat the cold weather....

We are actually staying in Hotel Renaissance @ kowloon so it was just a simple 5 minutes walk out from our hotel to the Avenue of Stars!

Kungfu Princess!

The whole place offers a gorgeous view of the city landscape and i luv the fact that the whole street has little twinkling lights on the floors which makes you feel like you are cruising through the milky way and stepping on stars!

I wish singapore's weather was a little chilly as this because i always feel that it makes the mood even more romantic esp when you need the occasion snuggle for warmth with your partner...

Can you spot Sir woodblock?

Jackie Chan's Palm print! Actually there was a small episode that happens during the taking of this photo. Since i was there first, an ang mo patiently took time to wait for me to finish taking the pic. sadly i was still clumsily getting a good mode for the camera so i decided that mabbe i will share the space so that the ang mo can take the pic together at the same time w/o having to wait for me.

THEN this idiot tourist (by now you should know from where) came along and stood there shouting to here friend excitedly that was Jackie Chan's Print! The stupiest thing was that she was standing in the way with a shadown casting on the tile and makes it difficult for us to take pic. I was hoping her craze will go and she will then step back for us to take pic.

BUT NO she stood there for a whole 5 minutes!!! i almost want to curse out aloud since i was losing patience before i decided to keep my cool and use a flash light instead. I can tell u she deserves a slap becos after blocking us for a whole lot of 5 mins, once i am done with the shoot (meaning it is now the ang mo's turn to take the photo), she quickly took my place and position and started snapping. in the end the poor ang mo has to let her go first... i really dun understand such tourists... are they really blind or are they just so ungracious?

woodblock posing with one of my fav hongkong's star prints!

After the stroll down the ave of stars,

We went on the bus tour! (the bus picks up passengers along the ave of stars)

Each passenger is being given a ear phone which we can plug in and choose a language channel that we like.

I think the bus tour was quite worth the trip, becos it was finally that we manage to see the true blue busy hongkong streets come to life at night. we even saw their university and various musuems building along the way.

After the bus tour, it was just nice 8 pm and we were just in time for the laser light shows along the ave of stars! Totally NICE esp with the music being played through all the speakers along ave of stars. it makes it feel like another street of disneyland as the streets now comes alive and makes u feel like dancing.

it was so romantic under with the gorgeous city landscape in front of us, so much that woodblock and me sway to the music while we embraced each other and watch laser show together!

After show, our tummy was growling and we went to a teahouse (cha chang ting) for a meal. It is interesting to observe how much EVERYONE luvs hongkong drama. From the waiter to the customers, everyone's eye was glue to the tvs (more than one tv in the restaurant) while eating lol.

The customer was so glued to tv she hardly start on her meal....

I dunno what's the craze about fishball, but everywhere on the streets u can see the occasion big prints on HANDMADE fishball (yu dan). we decided to try it out but seriously i really din think much of it =( in fact it was the fish cake that really shines!

My oiishii claypot rice!

After the dinner, we went to nu ren jie (female's street), nan ren jie(also known as sneaker's street if i m not wrong) and even miao jie (temple's street) for shopping and ended the night with a pair of tired feets!

Sadly becos we just returned from disneyland, we din have much time to charge our camera so the batt went flat and hence i couldnt give much of any photo updates =(

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