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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Tea Ceremony Highlights of Princess Christine and her Prince Woodblock

For our tea ceremony, as it was a last minute inspiration and push from Xuan that we should get a videographer too, we manage to hire istylewedding which actually help us to cover all the videos from our love mtv, tea ceremony and all the way to the banquet =) Even though the tea ceremony video was obviously a template style video, but i do like some of the effects like the veil covering and unveiling before i switch to my tea ceremony gown. I am hoping to share my love mtv but fear of the copyrights infringment etc =(

Anyway A BIG KUDOS to my wonderful 3 princess jiemeis for making it such a wonderful moment =)

Before watching the video, one important thing to note for brides is that for some bridal shops, it will be best to check out the accessories way before hand => minimal 2-3 weeks ago before your big day as to ensure that the jewelleries are to your taste and definitely not too OLD =) for me i borrowed the head gear from Bliss Bridal as I like the recommendation for using cut out laces etc but i dislike the other accessories like earrings and necklace as they werent vintage enough for my vintage french gown. It was a good thing that i prep those accessories ealier on for the photoshoot and now they come in handy and save me a big hassle from going around to find the accessories !!!

Some interesting details to note for the video:

- My new fashionable pink velcro which is use to hold the hair back! (so high tech that my other 3 neighbouring country princesses never seen it before =P)

- Kawaii Mei de beauty 's gentle instruction and way of asking for ang pow => it almost felt like she introducing some new product

- Pancake disaster by woodblock

- Cute tall chef hat specially prep by Snow Xuan (it is great that her cousin is a pastry chef)

- My dream Vintage Cream Beetle

- One of the Xiong di is M lol => Hongderella's Prince charming

- Woodblock was so shy that i even have to ask him for his hand while posing in front of our car

Sit back and Enjoy the video

Interesting behind the scenes fact:

1) The boy who was suppose to open the door for woodblock couldnt get the door opened so woodblock secretly helped him to open the door for himself from the inside

2) It was hilarious that woodblock had no idea how to use the heart shape stencil i have prep for him. Do you know he actually poured the pancake mix into the stencil until it was full and Hongderella was laughing hard when she told me the next day that she thought that he was making some muffin or something and in the end everything was burnt! My jiemeis wanted to give woodblock allowance by asking for the last set of ang pows and provide him with some helpline but woodblock was stubborn and insisted on attempting on the making the breakfast for me *heart meltz*

3) My cute jiemeis was so busy making sure they have done a terrific job with time keeping and making sure all the items are completed that they din even check how much $$$ as given to them. Unknowingly, they let woodblock in with just $8.80 each. I was laughin like nuts when i learnt about it but i got woodblock to pass them the last angpow(the real one with the $$$) to them after we went down to cars.

4) Woodblock collapse and dumped me on the bed after the videographer's request for him to carry me becos he he couldnt carry me.

Thank you Linda, Ah yong and Clarissa from istylewedding, the wonderful video team that has make this video a wonderful memory to capture my wedding!

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  1. hihi...yr wedding is indeed a nice and simple one. i like it. Simple gate crashing. I am also looking to prepare a simple wedding too. can share with me yr istylewedding contact?