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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Merry Xmas 2009!

This year's Xmas celebration is much more special then the ones i had before with woodblock. Usually as a person who loves to save up, I always prefer to cook at home with woodblock so that I can control the budget and yet socked myself up for the day with the xmas mood in the supermarket and kitchen!

As Hongxian is still overseas for Xmas, I thought why not invite Mei--de-beauty and the rest of the other princesses over. Unfortunately Snowy Xuan was occupied so she wasnt able to join in the fun. But i promise there will be more of such wonderful session since we really enjoyed bitching around in the kitchen.

So around 1:00 pm on xmas eve, i met up with Mei-de-beauty first to buy all the grocery. This yr, we are all assigned with 1 out of the 3 course meal.

1) Appetiser (Mei de beauty cooks for Hongderella)
2) Main (Hongderella cooks for Princess Christine)
3) Dessert (Princess Christine cooks for Mei de beauty)

Of cos we did improvise a little to add on more, so there was 2 more sides + cocktail! Of cos w are to asked what the person we are cooking for likes so as to let us find out all the little eating habits we might have miss out on our good friends.

I luv shopping with a trolley lol ! What I din tell Mei-de-beauty was that i always deliberately try to keep a dollar coin in the wallet for this purpose.

Mei-de-beauty is always very serious and detailed in everything she does. We are like in opposite world while shopping. While she kept a list and kept ticking them off when we managed to get the things off the shelves i resisted the idea. She kept insisting that I do until i almost want to faint because I told her there was ONLY 3 items on my list and I can rem !!!

HOngderella soon join u shortly after we bought the groceries and we all headed to my house for cooking.

So here's the menu:
1) Appetiser => Shrimp Deviled Eggs (So chim until both me and Mei de beauty went "HUH???" when Hongderella said what she wans to eat. Basically in my terms, it is just Egg topped with Shrimp salad mixed)
2) Main => I have no idea what is the name but basically it was some exotic dish with Coconut cream plus Salmon plus lots of butter. strangely it taste good after we had a whole noon (ok mainly from me) of "eek!!!" , "eewww" , "what's this?!?!?" lol
3) Dessert - waffle / choc fudge cake with cookies and cream ice cream topping (ok basically it was a very difficult dish so i bought ready mix since i found many ingredients in the recipe not sold in ntuc =( ( i promise i will do a better job next yr)

Mei de beauty started the drum rolling washing and chopping while i was actually slacking away considering there wasnt much to do from my part lol. I cant tell you how much this xmas cookin is the most relaxing one for me esp with so many pple cooking and washing up!

Soon all of us started our engine and was occupied with our own dishes.

This is actually the sauce for the mains, I thought it was some soup and almost fainted when Hongderella told me it is just butter and come coconut cream. (now you know why housewife dont eat much after seeing and witnessing all the cooking process lol. all i know is that the salmon is going to drown in butter and die a second time again!!! )

Some interesting cooking i learnt about roasting garlic for mash potato, i will try out this some day on my own.
As promise, the salmon did drown in the sea of butter and was put into the fridge for some marination time.

This is actually the first time i ever seen Dillweed and surprisingly enough it is sold in ntuc *lucky*

Lime juice for the appetiser and cocktail

All ready for making the Shrimp salad mix topping!

You can tell how much she loves cooking esp when she doesnt have much opportunity to cook.

I was really laughing out LOUD suddenly when I went to see what was in the pot when i thought everything that was needed to be boiled was cooked. Hongderella was like really surprised when she saw me laughing crazily and asked me what the hecked was i laughing about

Mei de beauty was boiling the egg whites! She felt that the egg whites were too soft and want a serious and mean "HARD" boiled egg whites. Even though her explaination was sound but by then nobody was listening much and all were laughing away like nuts.

In the meanwhile, Hongderella prepped some killer mash potato to filled us up in case the Salmon was not filling.

I was pretty Kiasu too and thought about the same thought and went to prepped my Princess Christine's homemade burger patty!

I cant tell you how slowly i was mixing the choc cake mixed becos there was so much freaking time and i soon got tired and just sat on the floor to finish up the job.

The cake was not much of a success since i m an idiot with cake baking. Hongderella was the expert with desserts so she told me i was indeed an idiot for not even using the right tin size as specified on the box. SO we ended up with a crazily thick cake and we have to chop off the top part which is harder.

I was pretty evil, treacherous, CREATIVE *ahem* as usual, I suggested adding one more dessert dish to the table. So i asked hongderella (the culprit) to cut the chopped off part of the cake into rectangulars and I proudly announced them as "BROWNIES" (well at the least the boys believe and thought so too when they were eating happily). They were praising how much effort we put into and even have 2 types of dessert for them lol!

A very happy xmas and sumptous xmas dinner as exclaimed by the boys since they did zero cooking! We even prepped a very yummy cocktail by mixing some cranberry juice, lime juice and gin together! I think i will make more cocktails next time for subsequent parties like this!

To keep us occupied, I played a movie on my notebook by the table. This is one of the shows that i highly recommend pple to watch may it be alone or in groups!

This movie is crazily hilarious and it was so good that all of them was like almost late for their next appointment because they couldnt bear to leave the dining table and was SUPER glued to the movie.

ermmm.... (^.^!) pls dont asked me where I get the movie from =P It's very "Legal".

The following day, it was a second league for another xmas party and this time round it is with my family! Now i know for those non christian family out there, you might seldom hold xmas party with your family, but for my family, we will always come up with some excuse for some little parties here n there and usually it is FULL ATTENDANCE!!!

WHY??? Cos it is always filled with FUN, FOOD and Laughter + prizes! Everytime we have a small party like this, our aunts or the organisers(may it be my cousin or my bro) will think of some games for the families both young n old to play with.

Now many friends who have seen me always thought i am kinda crazy, loud and definitely noisy.

Well if you ever visited my house, you will be superbly amuse by how mild my character is, cos everyone is EQUALLY noisy and MORE dramatic in terms of action then me.

If you just hear our noise alone, you might thought u are in some camps with pple playing cos we are just easily excited and ROWDY in noise!!!

This party, my sec bro, Raymond decided that we should get to know our roots more and prepped like a stack of 40 plus info on Heng Hua pple.

As expected, we are just a group pple who is excited to win vouchers and presents so when they annouced that they want to tell us the story of Heng Hua pple before starting the quiz, WE ALL JEERED (told you we are definitely rowdy) like mad.

To make things more fun for us, instead of getting the most "有墨水" person to read and summarize the key points of the story for us, we decided to get my cousin who speaks like an ah beng to read for us.

I was very glad that he was very sporting because....
as what we had imagined (before deliberately sabohing him to read), he read the story his own style and we were all laughing like mad!! So when the story was about how a king was upthrone he said something like this "总之那个皇帝输了,所以就叫他回家睡觉". Totally off the story line but surprisingly all of us can understand his ah beng version of the story.

Everyone was entertained by the amusing Ah beng reading style version of the story.

Aunt grace was super sly, after listening the whole chunk of the story, they asked the super out of the story question. In the end all the winners are the old folks loh (cos they are the generation who is the more well learned in terms of chinese lit etc in the family)!

One of the question involve my granny saying a phrase in heng hua and we are to guess what she is saying.

In the end, my da gu won (super play cheat leh, how can dey asked this kind of sure win question for their generation only???)

My uncle was another proud winner of the next quiz question. my family loves to show our achievement and seriously they automatically pose whenever they win prizes and asked pple to snap for them. When will it be my turn?!?!?!? I want an NTUC voucher too!

For those pple like me (i mean my generation), the good thing is that the elderly understand how poor our chinese lit is and they plan some idiot proof games for us (finally!!!)


We were randomly assigned bingo cards and soon everyone was attentively sitting there like some hungry tigers and wolves!

Even my granny joins in (you see how practical we are and we cannot succumb to the temptation of just the mere NTUC vouchers both young and old)

Cousin Pearlyn was the I/C for generating the numbers!

I was eager to fill up my bingo card!

My hearty uncle is always full of energy. I love his personality very much, he is so good with his little jokes and funny speeches, he never fail to brighten up the the atmostphere in his own way!

Aunt Grace announcing each BINGO number as they are generated. We love playing games very much and always believe that whoever is chairing the game must always be standing in proper full view of everyone.

My cousin, Xinting was so excited she sat right in front of the rolling bingo balls and sure enough she was the first winner!

If you ever have the chance to play with my family, remember we show no mercy when it comes to vouchers etc cos the minute someone shouted a BOGUS BINGO for fun, you should know the rest of our SYNCHRONISE telepathy reaction:

"诈湖!!!!OUT!!!! Yay we have one less competitor!!!"

Yes, we are a bunch of serious GAMERs.

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