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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Accessories Overview - Preparation for the Shoot

As mentioned, I be bringing some of my own accessories for the shoot despite whether if it is gonna be used for sure a not. So here's some preview of what I am bringing:

Whimsical Earrings (own) For elegance, some pearl earrings
White pearl earrings($10) from DIVA
Pink Pearl Earrings from Chomel (prev from ROM)

Gemy earrings from Chinatown (3 for 10 bucks)

I deliberately chose the gem earrings in this order so that one is elegant, modern, cute for more variety choices during the shoot

Of cos my belove chunky bracelets, meant to compliment the floral ring I bought previously.

Bracelets from SIX ($14.90,$16.90 respectively)

My rings =)

The gem floral ring is also 3 for 10 bucks! which i bought it with other items.

Pearl Necklace($16) from DIVA
Grand Finale Pic
What I love is that in between the pearls, there are some gems for a modern touch

Love the vintage oriental hand mirror (3 for 10 bucks)

OPS I din wipe the mirror bu somehow it looks more vintage with the 'dusky' print on it lol

Victorian hangheld mirror (3 for 10 bucks too)

now we know that Chinatown does have some gem buys isnt it lol

Even though, I am not sure what props I be using it is better to bring more then less isn't it?

I will be going down to china town to finish up on the last prop - the fan soon=)

I realise that during the period before the shoot, it can be very nerve racking as we have absolutely no idea what to bring.

Thanks to a fren Haidi who has been sharing tips with me, it makes it more reassure about some nitty gritty details that I have forgotten:

1) Large button shirt for changing for outdoor location if you have more then one outdoor venue

2) Facial Tissue, Wet Tissue

3) Some snacks for you to snack on (in her case it is jolly bean which i think is quite a good suggestion because it is not oily and kinda easier to bring around)

Hong will be companying me for the photoshoot and of cos bringing her paparazzi camera along so do look out for her blog entry after my shoot as it will give u a clear overview of how the day goes (i get her to be as detailed as possible if she has the time lol)

Anyway if you are lucky enough to hear from this busy woman, she actually is a even more detailed planner then in terms of the photoshoot. My style is go there take cool, glamourous and chio photos can le lol but for her photoshoot style, it is more fun loving and meaningful one as there will be planned story board etc etc which is going to complete her old school theme. I was already excited when I hear her plans but her shoot is arround July and August so we can have something exciting to look forward to then.

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