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Friday, June 26, 2009

Photolog of ChristineVitor Photoshoot

Sorry for the lack of updates, here are the much awaited fotos.
In chronological sequence
7:00 Depart for Bridal Studio
7:10 Pick up Maria
7:30 Breakfast Search

here's the bride and groom, stuffing their faces for the much draining day ahead.

Maria (Pronounced Mer.ree.yia) and bride
8:15 Arrive back at Makeup Studio

We arrived slightly late due to the delay in search of breakfast, to find Lihua already sitting in the makeupstudio reading newspapers. Chop chop curry pok.
Groom staring at Maria.
Sorry Sir, I will eat less Macdonalds next time.

9:10 Bride Makeup Done, Change into Gown
Groom Makeup

9:25 Groom Makeup/Styling Done, Bride Changed, Continue with Hairdo, Groom to Change

Happy and Looking Beautiful~
Maria personally secretly loves this gown the most. Classy and elegant with lovely embroidery and subtle crystals. So lovely~

9:30 Amidst everything, Photographer and Team Arrives in Studio
10:15: Final look emerged, gather your horses (6 gowns) and men, we're leaving the studio!

Our first Obstacle of the day, security lowered the curtains to the escalators. We cant get down!
Nice security lady opened it for us, Yeay~

10:20 Slight delay but no cause for alarm

We tumbled down to the carpark and squeezed everything and everyone into the car.
10:50 First location: The Grand Shanghai Restaurant
From now on, Maria is not allowed to take shoots that are similar to the Photographer's. So all the below are amateur shots just to show you Maria's perspective of what happened that day.

Maria personally feels that the first location had so many setups that made it a really good place for different shots. Maria thinks that this will be the place that will hold many little surprises, producing pictures that many people will not believe was actually taken at a restaurant.
Lihua arrived after packing up at bridal studio, to do up next look for the bride.
Rush rush rush~

11:45 Leaves for 2nd Location: Neil Road
Sky starts to become cloudy, expecting light drizzle

Sir and Madam arriving at next location.
Groom changed into Charlie Chaplin Gear.

Where is Mdm? Ah, there she is. Lihua putting on the veil for her as this is Mdm's actual day bridal gown.

Maria don't understand why Mdm likes to hide under the leaves even though she already is holding an umbrella to shelter from the rain.

Lihua grabs hold of wandering Sir to tidy up his hair once more.

Maria thinks that the Photographer, Steven is very very very professional. He will probably break every single bone in his back to get that perfect shot.

Started to rain, we decided to break for lunch earlier, hoping that the rain will clear later for the railway track photos. Mdm decides to explore while Sir goes and gets the car to bring us for lunch. Maria still doesn't understand why Mdm likes to walk in between and under foilage.

12:45 Sir drives us to Vivocity for lunch. We had our lunch under many watch by many Singaporeans who doesn't seem to think that brides and grooms need to eat also.

1:45 Rushes back to Neil Road to take Railway Tracks; Slight heavier rain

Lihua grabs this opportunity to tidy both of them up again. After much contemplation, we decide to go ahead and shoot despite the rain.

The path to reach the railway tracks was a dangerous one. Climbed over the railings, wobble over the pebbles and gravel, taking care not to slip into the canal, climb over concrete slabs and under barbed wire.

2:30 After much painstaking hiding, running away from guard/security of train depot, huddling in the rain, balancing umbrellas, we decided to leave for the 3rd location. The highlight location of Christine and Vitor's shoot that day - Lunar Bar!

3:00 Lihua and Christine bounded straight to the restroom to change and do up the next look, while Steven and rest of us explored the bar for shoot areas.

Maria decided to follow Sir around while Mdm gets ready her next look. Mdm always say must watch after Sir, in case he gets naughty. Maria understands why now.

Mdm is ready, so its Sir's turn now.

Lihua was very impressed with the masks that Sir and Mdm made so much that she wants a photo of it.

Sir and Mdm in the next outfit and look.

5:30 Finished up at Lunar Bar and changed into the last 2 gowns. Heading to Botanical Gardens!
This was when Maria's camera started to act up funny. Maria would like to apologise for the lousy photo quality due to technical problems.

6:00 Botanical Gardens, wet and drizzling.

Who is this??

Haha, that is Lihua trying to shun away from Maria's camera. The poor makeup artist had to help us carry so many things and gowns that day, stand in the rain, while making sure that the makeup doesnt run. She is really one of the best! That's cute Lihua, using her head to carry the gown for changing later, cos her arms are too tired that day.

Capturing the hairdo on the go.

By the time we finished the whole shoot, it was already dark and we had to make over way back to return the gowns.
It was a tiring day out, but we had really good company so it was an enjoyable day~ And all the unsung heroes that day, Thank you very much for your help!

Finally ending off. Baba yoo~

Written by: Maria aka live reporter aka follow-fart-worm

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