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Friday, June 5, 2009

Freshly bake - A Expensive Looking yet Cheapo Costing Envelope

As peepom have mentioned, it is definitely a crazy challenge I have set myelf for the envelopes... hmm 200 definitely no joke but thanks to smart woodblock who surprising do better mathematical calculation for me we realise that we may need only 150-160 envelopes instead =)

I rem during those days for the prepping of the rom, woodblock and me spent like 2 days to churn out only 20 plus envelopes. so today i deliberately time myself - 4 hours for 20 envelopes, not bad for a starter because I was still toying around by doing one envelope at one time while watching video. So when I realise I was at tortoise speed I realise i need to redevise and reorganise the envelope making procedure. So thus pace got much faster as time goes by =)

Presenting the first batch of 20 envelopes, another 130-140 more to go. I'm sure it will be much faster when woodblock and my aunt steps in to help me with the tedious repetitive job =) so i won't get stuck so long just on one DIY project.

Perhaps I should get a kickstart with the card design by engaging Ah li's help soon =)

Let me see total costing for the envelopes(let's take it as 150 of them): (3x$2.50) +(2x$4.10) = $15.70 (hmm not bad)

Cost per envelope (well we are always into averaging right lol) = $0.1047 (hmm not bad at least it is cheaper than popular bookshop ones haha)

Now even thought some might say wy so stupid isn't Grand Shanghai going to provide u withthe cards? Well yup it's free but the only catch is that we need to print the inserts ourselves which cost slightly more than $100. So if I can reproduce DIY envelopes+ cards at around same price or so why not make it a personalise one for my guests?

Ok i need to meet woodblock and his colleagues for dinner at cafe swiss =) heard its a 1-1 buffet so gonna look forward to it !!!

Brids who are DIYing your own doily envelopes , do send me your photos of your work because I am really interested in the variation of the doily envelopes with locally sold doilies too!!!

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  1. First of all congratulation on your marriage!! I like your envelope its so cool!!!