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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

DIYing my Evening Gown Heels

Pre-wedding shoot is coming soon on next Wednesday for me and as DIY bride it is sure even busier for me running around recceing acessories to wear to what props to bring for the shoot and of cos keeping to a tight beauty regime. On top of that I have to settle my AD photographer of cos the systemind platoform bed in terms of costing and payment. Yes I am consider almost a super lao po for woodblock but he has been helping me out heavily on this particular heels revamp project.
Now when I brought the black heels to the bridal shpo, this time kingsly said that it will be better if I paste gems on it. So as usual with great trust in his taste I went to revamp up the heels. The only prob with me is that when i don't have much inspiration, I can't do much until yesterday while shopping for great bargain items, I came upon faux diamond necklace plu earrings set which cost like 2 sets for 10 bucks only!!!! yes I knew immediately from the price and the super bling faux diamonds => that they are gonna be embellishments for my evening gown heels. In additional, I bought some stick on gems for those cell phones (again from Diaso) to be stick on the heels too. The project has yet been completed since I started 2 DIY project at the same time yesterday but it shall be near completion soon tonight =) before then I shall get on and move on to getting other props ready.
Anyway below are the pics of the incomplete but good enough to see what I am doing for your reference esp if u are plannign for any diy heels revamp project for your evening shoes. Total additional cost for both shoes should be around 16 bucks =)

Shoes collar.

Love the dangling gems effect all around the shoe collar!

The front gemy details

TADA the overview=)

OH YES how can I forget the heel details for my own vainity sake lol

It is not easy for me to work on project work these days due to my super long fingernails which is like a hindrance sigh but no choice since i need to do mani and pedi next Tues (one day b4 the photoshoot).


  1. Hihi...can i ask where did you buy the faux diamond necklace plus earrings set? Those bling bling shoes are really expensive outside. But how do you 'stick' the necklace to the strap? - Jes