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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

DIYing my own Masquerade Masks

I understand that many are disapointed that I have not blog in ages which I forgot to explain in my previous blog entry=> I needed time badly to get myelf in better shape and and rest since I dont have much holiday and have been going back to work for the past 2 weeks actually. Therefore I be blogging more intensively while we countdown to my photoshoot so that brides can share my experience in prepping towards the shoot.

Yes as part of the props, we were being asked by the photographer to bring our own masks if we can find any nice one. Of cos we can it from rental but I thought why not make it myself since I can get those basic masks and then do extra add-ons myself.

Spotlight is having a nice sale selling masks at 10 bucks each instead of the usual 19.90 which is true becos weeks ago when i was there, i swear it wasnt on sale at all. So i bought one since i feel 10 bucks is still not so cheap for DIY. but it includes the designs and accessories such as the sequins and feathers so actually it is still consider not bad esp when i am coming to last minute work and I cant afford to do too many DIYs in great detail.

I also bought some embellishments and gems from Chinatown and Diaso for add ons =) for woodblock's mask I bought one at only $3.50!!!! Well it is not becos it is cheap only but most importantly to be fair to woodblock I want to get a mask which is more masculine and not those girly girly chio kind which won't fit him.
Princess Christine's Mask

I only change 2 things - one is the metallic plastic jewel which i thought was realy ugly so I change it to some sequin floral decor found in Chinatown at $3.50

Of cos I love bling stuff - so bling part for the eye details.
I use mainly - double sided tape and fabric glue to get all the feathers and accessories pasted down =) It is not easy for pasting accesories onto a mask due to the curve surface so it was a great help to use those giant clothes peg to keep them in place for hours while waiting for the fabric glue to dry.

Woodblock's mask! Very masquline isn't it. I added feathers and gems on the mask to make it look like a set with the female mask esp with the colours!

TADA - a matching masks pair!

Oooooo. Are we ready to party? Not YET lol. This is still incomplete as we have yet add on the sticks for the masks =P


  1. hi may i know where you find those masks? email me at asap thanks

  2. WOW! this is so pretty ! er.. may i noe where to find and buy those masks? thank you !! i will visit this blog again 2moro =) WOW!Masquerade Masks is REALLY LOVELY !