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Friday, June 26, 2009

Pantyhose for Wedding Shoot

Now for btbs with either cheong sum slits that is long or gowns which is short, it will be always a worry that whether our legs appear alright or not?
I did use the veet shower hair removal but on the day of the shoot, I was being told tht actually all these details will not be able to be captured at all and Steven told me that it is a waste of money for brides to do waxing before the shoot becos it wont make much of any diff at all since it is not visible. So do be careful not to let your bridal shop earn extra money when they offer waxing service to you on the spot cos it is not going to be value for money at all.

However, as a kiasu bride, I bought something else as backup becos I knew that I have scars left from the injuries months ago from the car accident. So I went to buy some stockings!!! Now when I was at the NTUC, I was this very interesting type of pantyhose perfect for what I want!!!
It's the toeless pantyhose! I bought 2 for $6.90 (slightly expensive for pantyhose i guess cos the prices of the other stockings sold is like 4 plus bucks). True enough on the day, even though Steven say aiyah no need to wear but eventually haha was glad that iwore it becos quite a few shots involve quite a lot of "legs". I also put some concealer on the scars before putting on the sotckings - instantly covering the scars quite well =)
The very fact that the colour on the pedicure will show will make pple/audience wonder if the bride is actualy wearing a pair of stockings or if she does have such chio smooth legs lol. So if you do plan to buy panty hose you can take this into consideration.

Some btbs might then be worried. You might say then what if the holes slip and the line edge of the stockings(near the toe region) show up and makes it look ugly???? Well no worries! Look carefully at the first pic! You will realise that there 2 slots that allows you to slot in your big toe and the rest of your toes respectivly => so that now the stockings is held into fixed position!!! Cool right esp for brides wearing open toe heels like me =)

Too bad I packed my stockings right inside my platform bed right now and it is difficultto access it, if not I would have taken a more detailed pic =)

Hope this tip helps again for brides who wants to show off a bit of your pedicure and yet wanna cover up scars and flaws in your legs with stockings =)

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