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Thursday, June 18, 2009

rainy day bridal slippers

I don't know how many big-feet girls are out there, but doesn't it frustrate you to buy shoes?? Its so difficult to get one to fit my webbers in. I'm a size 10.

And why are all the bridal/wedding shoes all so small-sized and dainty! DA KA PORH cannot get married issit!?! (shakes fist! this is discrimination!)

ok, I'm venting my frustrations here.
Anyways, i had a bad dream a few nights ago. I dreamt that it poured during our wedding day. And I had to go bare footed while grabbing the long long wedding gown trying to keep it dry and clean. Just because it was so difficult to get a pair of wedding shoes that I can fit into, and therefore I only have 1 pair and cant afford to dirty it for the wedding banquet later.

So I woke up the next day thinking about it and remembered seeing these cute stuff online.

And these idopearlflipflops, so cute! but not suitable for me =(

And decided secretly that since I can't find any big enough shoes. I'll just get a pair of white flip flops and Zheng it with some crystals like what Christine did in her previous post. Who says you can't look glamorous on a wet day? And it'll be nice to just rest (air) your (smelly) feet in the wedding car, while zipping between the 2 homes/hotel.

1. nobody else apart from your husband and see (smell) your unglam feet.
2. what else a better opportunity to test his love for you (your hk feet lol).
3. most brides do their pedicures but no one can actually see them, why not admire them on your way to the next destination?
4. After that still can wear to while you are walking around in the hotel, your honeymoon destination, beach, other casual places~ yeah~

But my mummy say cannot.

in the end?
we found this~

Hahahaha. Shiny and silvery. Can match the white gown. Even though I'm a bit sad cos can't diy myself, i was intending to add some bluish-green crystals in between, but at least it has my mum's approval. Big hor?

Antero-posterior Lateral

wahahah, can't resist. Occupational thing.

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