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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My body beauty regime @ Home EXPOSE

Now sometimes going for facials is simply not enough for btbs esp when the beauty salon doesn't take care of your hair and body for you in the package signed. But this doesnt mean that we are going to fork out thousands of dollars to top up and get them to include these as well.
Here today I am sharing some products which I really feel is not bad after a period of use. As quoted by Jackie Chan, "I dislike introducing products which I have never use before" lol yep but I dunno how true is his claim but mine is definitely real cos I aren't no celebrity and I dun have any product endorsement so there is not need for me to promote products unneccessarily. Plus i am not introducing any expensive items at all which is the main point here =P

Now in the past esp last yr, I have problems with back acne which all btbs know is a hideuos problem esp when we dream about wearing sexy backless gown dresses! So I became slightly hardworking (which is like only during times when I remember and always last minute intensive care before any big days) and started using these => which seems not bad after some period of use(but if you ask me which is the very one that is useful I aren't sure cos I use them concurrently)
CAUTION these are only for references, I never say die die must use =P

First up, my body brush from The Body Shop (not bad if u have short arms like me and little patience at times to slowly massage and use body scrub on your body)

When I do have time, I will use the ultra cheap but effective lulur mandi which I bought many many many bottles back from Batam during my last weekend get away with woodblock. The cost is like 1 plus buck per bottle which u can use for months. This is not the kind of scrub with little beads inside for scrubbing which you massage the whole day but you prolly remove like a few cells only.

But when I feel like pampering myself like a tai tai, I will use the body salt scrub from AHAVA brought back by woodblock's friends which cost like 30 plus bucks.

Of cos for the body wash, I use one fo acne one for my back specially.
Now, Actually for brides, i aren't sure whether the hair is silky smooth is important because the hard true is that, once the make up artist start spraying hair sprays on your hair, nobody really knows much about ur hair texture. It is more of the hair length which the make up artist will have interest in as it determines the type of hair style they will do for you.

Anyway nevertheless, I wanted to share this one because I am those pple who DON't use conditioner because yeshhh i am just forever too lazy. So one day I realise my hair is like super damn lousy => frenzy and dry => untidy =(

So went to the nearest shop and got this bottle of conditioner. Just after once, the hair was really significantly different. I think so far I use like perhaps only 4-5 times => marvelous result despite I am still too lazy to use it daily.

I do use conditioners once in a blue moon but I never really was awe by the results because once the hair dries , it is like only slightly better but not like this. SO I guess not just the gimmick on this hair treatment conditioner works but the product does work like what it says there.

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