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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Final Gown Fitting @ Bliss Bridal Creation

Yep today is my final gown fitting before my photoshoot on next wed. Basically i have already all the 6 gown designs earlier on and all I need to do today is to ensure that all 6 gowns fit my body size well.

I be showcasing the gowns i be wearing for the shoot in the order of wearing them on the day of the photoshoot.
First Stop at Grand Shanghai:
Gown style: White Cheong Sum
Has a long sexy slit in front
Of cos bare back details is one of its highlights
it can be use as a wedding gown as it has a relatively long train.
2nd Stop: Vintage shophouses at Neil Road
Gown style: Mermaid Vintage Gown
The lace gown looks classy and elegant. Luv it to the bits and this is also my actual day wedding gown. Well i'm pretty cheapo to try to save up more by finding for a ready on the rack ful lace gown despite my package deal allows me to mtm. I really zhuang dao le!!!
3rd Stop: Railway track @neil road too
Gown style: Vintage lace ballgown with a little Jap print like silk.
I told Kingsly that i wanted vintage gown and guess what I was pretty surprise that he actually had a vintage ball gown too!!! Too bad from the pic we cant see the floral print of the silk as it is really lovely! I was advice to wear a ballgown to give more variety to my album.
4th Stop: Lunar Bar
Gown Style 1: Fusion between oriental and modern sexy touch
Yay finally my mtm evening black gown. I gotten this design from the magazine pic and immediately got kingsly to copy it out and translate it to and evening gown(orginally it was a wedding gown). Now you understnad why I have no choice but to decor my heels as it is in full view!
The back is a sexy cross tie.
Gown Style 2: Sleek, simple red gown with Diamantes detailings
Too bad the pics doesn't show up well, but the diamantes on the gown are super bling and a great reason why princess christine luuuuv it to the bits. The vibrant red will be quite gorgeous under the bar settings.
5th Stop: Botanic Garden
Gown Style: Garden cuteness.
Kingsly getting me rready into the gown. Without my shoes on, I realise that I look like some ballerina.
Back details
Front pose with my faux flower bouquet left from my rom lol. not bad still goes kinda well together.
After all that fitting, I was really tired to the bits!!!!!

However, I need to thank my fairy godmother - Kingsly!! Million thanks to your wonderful recommendation!
I do hope all the brides at bliss bridal also had this much fun like I had during my gown fittings too!

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  1. HI Can ask you about MTM where can I find the design? As I couldn't find any design I like. Can I use other BS design then modify? u may send email to me