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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Post Pre-wedding Shoot Review and Experience

Yay finally my photoshoot is over!! So much for the prep and here's my own experience to share with all btbs.

Other then the drizzle during the day of the photoshoot, I must say all the rest of the photoshoot was quite a fabulous(but it was dead tiring though)

I am so more then glad that Hong was around to help out as it didn't occur to me that it was a crazy and heavy idea to bring out so much gowns! Her contingency food also help satisfy a very hungry bride like me. It is also thankful that Hong has brought straws out so it is easier for me to drink after the make up.

I know many btbs are curious why the hell i am allowed to bring the gowns out from bliss bridal, the reasons are simple and logical after i talk to kingsly about it. Kingsly and the bridal shop pple were all very shocked as it is the first time they encounter a bride who invested so much on the venue rental at Lunar Bar. Therefore as usual Kingsly who is always very honest about things, suggested that to be fair to me and woodblock he recommended us to take lunar bar as our "indoor venue" and will try to arrange for the gowns to be brought out instead. So that's why the special case. But he did warn me about the hidden cost of bringing the MUA out though. I think i m really lucky to be served by Kingsly!!! Anyway here's a secret tip : After much interaction and observation with the bridal shop pple => I discover that Kingsly is consider the little boi
boi whereby
everyone esp the boss of the bliss bridal DOTES ON So if you need
anything done, always convince or go to Kingsly first and everyting else will be easier =)
However, with all the personal experience of the hassle to bring out 6 heavy gowns. I realise it is not a smart and good thing to do it as it is heavy and messy to me esp if I were to handle everything by myself. Plus it was difficult and very ma fan finding places to change gowns as mentioned by Chris. So if you thinking of bringing that many gowns i suggest max 4 is actually more than enough becos by the 4th gown i already have not much mood to change again liao seriously. If it wasnt the fact that woodblock like naturual setting like botanic garden, I would have headed back to the studio to take the last 2 esp now it is renovated with the chio designer red plaster wall that I like. = > do check out the new photo album outside bliss to view the new studio settings (yes more then one that why i added a 's')

First, let's talk about the new photographer from Bliss Bridal which many btbs frm Bliss are so worried and eager to know how his standards are. I was so straight forward and even asked Kingsly whether if Steven is ok a not cos I know damn well he is new to the bridal shop cos it doesnt feel good to be spending big buck and being a guinea pig =P.
Now, I finally did understand and appreciate why Kingsly decided to change my PG to Steven despite he was new at Bliss. Steven is actually not a novice at all and was photographer from Golden Horse. Din really ask him why he switch bridal shops though so dont ask me, ask him urself. i am a FAiry PRINCESSS and not a servant you know =P

Anyway it's not becos of his bkground which makes me comfortable but i like the fact that he is very concerned about whether if I would like his style of shots by doing a short and quick review of the pics on the camera screen quickly for me to see after each section to check with my opinions. Poses why, not much of a worry becos he noes well how he wans his pics to turn out. so for the quality of the photos, from the visual reviews he showed me on the camera screen, it seems gorgeous so far(i cant comment fully yet since i have not seen it in the blow up version yet) as it captures the mood i like esp at Grand Shanghai and Lunar Bar which is the 2 locations which I am very concerned with.

Next, I felt that money was well spent by engaging the MUA out together for the photoshoot. I think Lihua is really one of the best as she preps so well for all the looks she has design for me. Now one big miskatke i made was to prep my accessories becos Lihua prep all these little nitty gritty details (yesHhhhh!!!! everything!!!!! OMG) for you so there's no need

to spend a penny at all (i wish I knew about it so that i wouldn't need to spend the money unnecessary but now you know so dont waste money like me ). She is very professional in terms of service and arrived in the studio one hour(from JB you know at 7am sharp at Bliss Bridal) before we arrived to pack all the accessories and makes sure everything is right. Plus the make up she used are branded and good ones eg Dior, Anna Sui etc so i was pretty please secretly (lol).

To be honest I am soooooo Kiasu and the very fact that i luuvvvv Lihua's
makeup skill
, I decided to book her real early for the tea and banquet day on the 12th nov and 22nd nov 09 because too many btbs asking me for her contacts and it makes me worry that after my reccomendations, another bride will booked her on my big day.

So now i have booked her, i can safely reveal her contact no. for other btbs on the
right navigation bar under the vendor list muahahahaha
(I hope she dont mind about
me putting in her contact though and forgive my selfishness for only releasing it now BUT hello it is better than totally shut off her contact right).

Sigh too bad it was raining everytime we are going outdoor so esp the railway track => the pic is almost as null so I dont expect much good pics from it =( plus the railway station auntie were so fierce and chase us out despite that part of the track is actually unused if you ask me but i guess it is her duty bah. HEARTBROKEN cos Ido LUV the RAILWAY =( Do get the PG to bring an extra lighting as my lighting lamp got spoilt halfway and I was so worried actually. BUt luckily it turns out still fine. But who dosent wan a perfect picture???

As for the botanic garden venue, I think the pics turns out very sweet and cute despite for my style i just wan those cool cool stylish ones but for woodblock he prefers sweet sweet kind in the natural settings so I guess both of us are equally satisfied at the end of the day =) Steven makes our life good cos he is so experience with the botanic garden part(I was SUPER DUPER surprise he is also damn familiar with Grand Shanghai). For the LUNAR bar , he recce out the place for the photos while i was doing make up time saver (yes they were very considerate of the timing becos they know any additional hour will cost me like another 300 bucks!!! I just love how it feels like as though they were my good frens who can help me keep a look out throughout the shoot)

Anyway for the pic update for the photoshoot I shall leave it to Hong who has been keeping track of the photoshoot. ON when the photo will be release, I be going down to select the photos on the 11th July 2009. It is important for btbs who are rushing and fighting time to note that it does takes time for the bridal shop to edit and design your album layout, hence it is preferable to have the photoshoot about 4-6 months before your big day =) as u dont want a slip shod work right?
So above are all the positive and negative honest comments from me so hopefully it does help and i rather you highlight out the negative parts for reference so that you can achieve a even more PUURFECT wedding shootthan me!!!

For now, I have been doing lots of house keeping and awaits for my new platform bed coming TMR!!!!

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