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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Which one Trial 1 or 2?

Trial 2: this time round a symmtrical wrap and I realise it can still look good.

lol of cos i use back the doily and thus for the line crease. sigh now i am caught whether to do it symmetrically or assymmtrically. anyway some may wonder why i am not doing anything extra like adding other fanciful stripes etc decor to the envelope => very simply reason cos i need to re produce like 200 plus of them so each extra step means i might kill myself from tirednss leh!!! so this is good enough for a mass DIY production. if we are talking about less than 50 than it is another story of cos =) actually i might play cheat a bit by combining cutouts from the orginal grand shanghai cards with mine so i can save up on more work.
anyway i saw this sleek casual bridal dress online !!! oh my it is simply gorgeous to the bits!!!!

You know i think wedding dresses should not be always the usual wdding gown +evening gown combination. the best way to end a wedding is with a comfy small sexy sleek dress to party out for the night after the wedding!
Recently there was a hype on Michelle Chia's crystal bouquet which actually has been used like for so long overseas and i saw that there was a crazy rental price of 250 bucks to it!! Super crazy esp when the bouquet doesn't seem hard to make => all u need is a hardworking person perhaps like woodblock who can sit there and reproduce things like perhaps 200 times of so and voila a crystal bouquet is born even from one who has no flair for the art at all.
if I'm that crazy i might do a demo next time to show you how it can be done. bt for now i need to complete the crazy envelopes first.
So which one should i choose? trial 1 or trial 2 or any suggestions?

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